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  • verb

Synonyms for overcapitalize

estimate the capital value of (a company) at an unreasonably or unlawfully high level

overestimate the market value of

capitalize beyond what the business or the profit-making prospects warrant

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Should the bank be found to be overcapitalized relative to the target, a share-reversal process will be undertaken to refund depositors by the amount of over-capitalisation."
With $598 billion of policyholder surplus, most believe that the market remains overcapitalized by as much as $100 billion, according to some estimates.
* Several countries within the region continue to subsidize fishing inputs for political reasons, even when evidence abound that stocks are overcapitalized.
DIB also avoids a haircut related to its minority interests under Basel III: (1) Tamweel is highly overcapitalized and CET1 in excess of 7% sitting in subsidiaries should no longer receive recognition in Tier-1 under Basel III, (2) minorities from non-banking holdings are no longer recognised (Tamweel is not regulated as a bank).
has enjoyed solid financial performance; we are significantly overcapitalized and generating capital internally.
If 75 years of experience in the banking industry has any relevance, American banks are overcapitalized. From a liquidity standpoint, you never go back to the 1930s and 1940s for a comparison, because they didn't make loans in that period.
"Capitalization-wise, we're still under-leveraged, still overcapitalized," Avante said, noting that capital adequacy ratio was close to 20 percent.
The cash the company has been accumulating in recent periods, together with this unexpected inflow, led some of the analysts attending the news conference following the release of the 2012 results to inquire of company president and chief executive officer Francois Coutu if he didn't think that the Jean Coutu Group had become overcapitalized.
In the world of the overcapitalized, hyper-specialized postmodern university, Newman's Idea, with its dazzling picture of liberal education, represents a kind of Golden Age for us to look back upon, both for inspiration, and for grounds upon which to complain about the present.
It may seem that the balance sheets of Latvia based companies are rather overcapitalized and they lack investment opportunities.
"It's just encouraging underwriters to push for higher rates." Bradford says, but "it's still an enormously overcapitalized market, so there's still a question of whether the rate increases will stick."
Losses in the first half of 2011 from a series of events have insurers and reinsurers scrambling to raise money, not long after they were all whining about being overcapitalized. Too much, too little--never the correct amount.
The industry is overcapitalized, but capital usage is more efficient than elsewhere and the sector contains an efficient number of insurers.
In a book he wrote to explain the workings of his 1936 Robinson-Patman Antitrust Act, often called the Anti-Chain Store Act, Patman said the purpose of the bill was "to protect the independent merchant, the public whom he serves, and the manufacturer from whom he buys" from the use of predatory tactics by overcapitalized traders.