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(bridge) a bid that is higher than your opponent's bid (especially when your partner has not bid at all and your bid exceeds the value of your hand)


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There were also errors in the other direction, with erroneous dysplasia diagnosed in benign tissue (14 cases) and a smaller number of overcalls in grading (10 cases).
The Overcall team of owner Barry Connell and Mullins didn't have to wait long for compensation as Ballychorus followed-up her Killarney bumper success in the second division.
commented in an interview that the products could be useful in impaired individuals, but physicians would "have to be careful not to overcall AD since many elder patients will have modest amounts of cerebral amyloid but may have many other reasons for cognitive impairment--stroke, drugs, infections, etc.
The overcall (more than CIN 1 on colposcopy and less than CIN 2 on histology) was 7.
I didn't want to overcall, so I gave him a few minutes, hoping he would head uphill into the field for food.
We begin to broaden the definition and look for the disorder, and sometimes, we overcall the diagnosis.
Lower credit losses and substantial gains on securities sales fuelled overcall earnings growth.
They stormed to victory as overcall club winners in the 125th CSH Hexham Regatta, held on home territory at Tyne Green.
These definitions will probably remain in place "for the next 5 years," Dr Gallagher said, "but there is a general feeling that this diagnosis is a little bit of an overcall.
But it seems to overcall the hand to deem it `misrepresentation on a heroic scale' when Ambrose argues (De fide) that only Nicene orthodoxy will ensure victory over the Goths.
From the issuer perspective, the overcall market was thought to benefit if buyers of securities have adequate means of redress should a fraud occur.
Glandular neoplasia must not be missed, but cytologic overcall can result in unnecessary and aggressive interference, such as cone biopsy.
During the 11-week trial, Chapman served as counsel along with attorney Victor Sher of Sher Leff, LLP, a San Francisco law firm that specializes in water quality cases, with overcall case oversight by Susan Amron of the New York City Law Department.
Why radiologists tend to overcall pediatric chest radiographs.
Bottom line is, since Canadas these days now hear a lot of good calling, it's easy to overcall.