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Synonyms for overburden

the surface soil that must be moved away to get at coal seams and mineral deposits

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an excessive burden


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burden with too much work or responsibility

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load with excessive weight

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During cooperative working off of three contiguous seams of limestone mining is operated by six benches at the same time: top overburden bench, top mining bench, a bench of the first rocky seam, a bench of the second mining bank, a bench of the second rocky seam, a bench of the third mining bank.
Casing shoes are used to drill through overburden until bedrock is reached.
programme of closely-spaced deep overburden sampling within the Armagh-Monaghan
The main factors mining technology depends on are requirements for output, overburden thickness, rock hardness and surface mine location.
Aside from the obvious policy implications of such a change, the Institute said, this standard could result in the collapse of the E-filing system (because that system is not yet set up to accept many disclosure forms) and would overburden the IRS exam function because of the huge number of additional disclosures that would be filed each year.
This gate was used for the first two media to be tested in the flume, a soil and an overburden from Tarong mine.
Later, placing the final layers of overburden and topsoil on the surface, along with the subsequent grading, causes excessive compaction.
Tenders are invited for Removal of overburden earth, mining of raw clay at kundara china
XMM is an innovative, in-line isotropic wet etch process that significantly reduces post-plated copper overburden on via or trench only structures.
Gold Values Of Up To 10g/t Returned From Deep Overburden Sampling
7 million tons of overburden that will have to be moved before anything up there is shining like a diamond mine.
The deposit was outlined by more than 50 reverse circulation holes drilled to depths of between 100 and 150 meters under shallow overburden that covers the mineralized rock.
As per the report, on overburden mining, heavy equipment leasing and 65.
Architecture of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt will be completed to reveal the geology, structure and overburden areas.