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Synonyms for overburden

the surface soil that must be moved away to get at coal seams and mineral deposits

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an excessive burden


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burden with too much work or responsibility

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load with excessive weight

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Within one year, the company brought all the new mining equipment into operation, thus increasing the overburden stripping by almost 600%.
Very little exploration work was carried out north of the Ferguson Fault during the historic operations because this area is a relatively flat plateau largely covered by between five to 30 metres of glacially derived overburden.
A total of three ash repositories and an as yet undetermined number of in-situ overburden deposits lend themselves to simultaneous development.
In areas like Timmins there might be up to 50 or 60 metres of overburden, and traditional technology has not allowed people to see that deep through the overburden to see the bedrock.
The recent overburden stockpile slippage incident, lower ore grades and throughput rates, and higher fuel costs contributed to higher unit costs for the quarter and adversely affected second-quarter operating results.
Its stripping ratio is 3:1 and with overburden volumes growing in line with increasing mining depths, Freeport decided on a continuous handling system.
The company is gearing up to do an exploration program which will involve overburden sampling and geophysical surveys to define anomalous areas, he adds.
Both drill and blast, and direct digging methods are used to strip the overburden which is loaded into the ADTs for removal.
Total overburden to be moved is about 70 million [m.
The initial excavation works were used to prepare the access ramp to the gold mineralisation as well as the removal of the sterile overburden.
The Kalahari Desert secures 93% of Botswana and Teeling informed regarding the issues of the sand and basalt rock overburden of the prospect.
The move has been met with criticism because workers will go without pay, and the shutdown will further overburden the county's criminal justice system.
The five-truck overburden fleet is made up of 217 t Unit Rigs which haul the waste some 1,100 m to the dump.
He owns Overburden Exploration Services, a company which has been around since 1985.
Exploration efforts including reconnaissance overburden sampling should begin on the property during the first semester of 2006.