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Synonyms for overboil

overflow or cause to overflow while boiling


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boil excessively

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was cloudy, and filled with little hairs--coarse, curling hairs," [488]) and chamber pots ("brimming over with a nauseating stew of urine and rigid brown turds" [232]), to explore the quality of prison food ("The mutton was fatty, the potatoes grey; the unwashed, overboiled cabbage still had soil clinging to it" [232]) and the structure of permed hair: "A hair came flying on the paper in Viv's machine: it was long, and brown, quite dry through having been over-waved, but it had a blob of grease on it like a pin-head, where it had been fixed to Millicent's scalp" (247-48).
"Usually the image of them is a smelly, yellow mush that has been overboiled but they are delicious if cooked correctly.
His latest, Shutter Island, is one of the lesser ones - an overboiled psychological thriller anchored by yet another superb performance from Di Caprio as a US Marshal investigating a complex missing persons case in a hospital for the criminally insane.
"It's very easy to think that cabbages are dull and pedestrian, and there's that awful smell of overboiled cabbage.
Strongly cast with a raft of characterful Bollywood actors, and flawed mostly by curious color grading, "Kaante" is an involving, often kinetic 2 1/2-hour ride for auds who can accept their entertainment overboiled as well as just hardboiled.
Mr Oliver is becoming a bit overboiled for my taste.
And shamelessly dropping by to pick up the fat cheques are Winner chums (they'd have to be) Bob Hoskins, John Cleese, Ben Kingsley, Joanna Lumley and Diana Rigg, with only Kendal even vaguely attempting a performance not flavoured with overboiled ham.
Some healings are miracles of prayer; others consist in overboiled chicken broth or patiently holding the bowl for someone in the throes of chemotherapy.
The restaurant offers solid accompaniment to one's hundred-gram shots of vodka: overboiled, gristly pelmeny; various varieties of stuffed fried dough; and mayonnaise-soaked salads.
So now I have six two-pound coffee cans full of red-hot syrup, and say I'm not exactly sure whether it's underboiled, just right, or overboiled. What I do is put the plastic lids on the syrup and head for the kitchen.
Today, we know that some spices, such as black pepper, actually aid in digestion and a century of white gravies an overboiled vegetables has give American cooks a new reason to rediscover and experiment with the zestiness of the past.
If I was being picky then the panache of vegetables ordered on the side - broccoli, cauliflower and carrots - were perhaps a touch overboiled but that would be nitpicking.
I can't get used to the electric hobs though - everything overboils. I trained with gas, and in all my previous homes, we had gas as well.
"We want something that isn't overboiled or hot enough to burn your mouth."