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Synonyms for overblown

Synonyms for overblown

characterized by language that is elevated and sometimes pompous in style

filled up with or as if with something insubstantial

Synonyms for overblown

puffed up with vanity

past the stage of full bloom

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"There's tension in the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy between those who think Ecstasy could be a valuable therapeutic that's not being tested because of overblown fears, and those who are concerned about the drug's potentially harmful effects," Cowan said.
But it is part of a growing sense that irrational media coverage--including articles trumpeting overblown fears of a clampdown on civil liberties--has crippled our ability to effectively use the military and police.
Walpole's fusion of the exotic and the supernatural may have been original enough to start an enduring literary genre, but his overblown dialogue and silly characters reduced this novel in print to little more than an academic footnote for generations.
Both remixes of "The Sodom and Gomorrah Show" (one sinewy new wave, one glitch-pop) surpass the overblown LP incarnation, while Michael Mayer's techno take on 2004 single "Flamboyant" wisely preserves its hilarious lyric.
When the Daily Bulletin's report received national attention, Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff dismissed mounting congressional concerns, stating, "I think the stories are overblown." According to Chertoff, most of the incidents were innocuous events involving Mexican forces that had unintentionally strayed across our ill-defined border.
The LP doesn't feel overblown either with 10 tight tracks on here and not a feel of filler about any of them.
The Large Fireman: His neglect to fix his own stairs/led us to buy the plank,/and even install it/for the overblown leg of/his pregnant wife,/for the celery-stalk legs/of his several kids,/for the vein-blackened legs/of his mother-in-law/and for his own white legs/that took such things for granted.//Years after he left/the fire department/(too heavy to climb the ladder)/he realized/each day brings new fires in/tiny windows/that will not permit/even the smallest of men/to help those/most in need.
At the same time, she's continued working as an individual artist, though one who does not believe in overblown and grandiloquent art--an art that she resists.
Aside from the fact that both items have been grossly overblown, much of the criticism is written in ignorance of facts that would suggest these bold moves in the early days of the Ratzinger papacy might just be the proper formula for initiating a modern day reformation of the Catholic priesthood.
Those who suggest, like Giroux (communications, McMaster U.), that American politics has become tainted with the odor of fascism are often dismissed as engaging in overblown and thus invalid rhetoric.
Although the practice was never common and may have been overblown in some media accounts, "Other egregious forms of child labor are unfortunately widespread," reports Global Exchange.
This dashed-off treatment seems more like the overblown draft of a long magazine piece than a fully realized book.
He sets us straight on some of our most common mistakes: the difference between imply and infer, the rule on less and fewer, and why to avoid the "clownish" use of "irregardless." But what we like most is the needle he takes to overblown, multi-syllabic, make-me-sound-important "prior to's" and "restructuring's" that fill our administrative memos.
However it does show that this antiimmigration campaign is much overblown.
New research, however, suggests this positive spin on sulfur may be overblown. Most microorganisms in the springs seem to live off hydrogen, scientists report.