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Synonyms for overbalance

lose your balance


Synonyms for overbalance

cause to be off balance

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As he was uncoupling a brake van at Edge Hill sidings he overbalanced and fell between the rails.
By continuing to cut production by around 1.8 million barrels a day, as agreed in the deal, OPEC and its allies risk seeing an overbalanced market, and the surplus in the stocks may turn into deficit or the balance in general of the oil market may turn into deficit.
Mavi, who delivered three successive maiden overs in Pakistan's chase, threw the ball back in from the fine-leg beoundary because he was slightly overbalanced and completed a stunning catch to dismiss Muhammad Zaid Alam.
When he got up with cuts to his mouth and forehead he overbalanced - and defendant Tasmin Rose Hilditch closed the bedroom door on his hand.
David Lloyd then overbalanced and was stumped for 16 off White, who then bowled a sweeping Anuerin Donald for 22.
However, Roderick overbalanced and his mishit off Helm was caught at midoff by Franklin.
Simon Wall (puzzlingly relegated low down on the list of soloists) was the tenor, his assiduous diction and feel for texts (and occasional mispitching) often overbalanced by David Curtis' orchestra.
Repetitive game modes, overbalanced combat and uninteresting fighter backstories do little to quicken the pulse, leaving Supremacy MMA staggering in the ring looking for a rope to cling to.
It is thought that Harrison was attempting to climb out when the mattress somehow overbalanced and forced him against the cot, Burnley Coroner's Court heard.
One witness at the resort of Praia da Rocha, on Portugal's Algarve, said: "He had drunk too much and overbalanced." The man is the third Brit to fall from the spot in recent years.
In a review of the England-West Indies Test match in August 1991, it was being described how Botham, while batting, had overbalanced and tried, but failed, to step over his stumps.
In almost poetic justice, he overbalanced and fell flat on his ample backside.
Stooping to lend a hand Husband overbalanced And landing on top of her There unknotting until one reached the phone And called, too late, for assistance.
It is believed the man had been throwing a security pass down to a friend when he overbalanced and fell from the window.