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with hand brought forward and down from above shoulder level

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Maciel et al (2015) reported a case of isolated teres major tendon rupture caused by overarm throwing; this athlete was able to complete the match in which the injury occurred, before subsequent return to play after 18 days.
First, he asserted that he had learned the overarm side-stroke from an Aboriginal youth in Woolloomooloo Bay in the 1850s.
"My grandmother played, my grandfather and my greatgrandmother [Ellen Stanwell-Brown; the first woman to serve overarm at Wimbledon in 1901], but that was never a motivating factor for me.
For example, poles supporting overarm switches are particularly problematic.
(9.) Nikola, F, Ognjen, U and Ant, P Some metric characteristics of tests to assess ball speed during overarm throw performance.
Sequential muscle activity and its functional role in the upper extremity and trunk during overarm throwing.
Albert was further offended by the clutter of buildings and wire netting in the center of the Square: seeing empty milk bottles on a doorstep he picked one up, looked quickly around, and, seeing no one to rat, he threw it as hard as he could, overarm, as if it were a grenade, towards the playground.
Men who play sports that involve repetitive shoulder movements (overarm bowling in cricket, contact sports such as rugby where you may fall on your shoulder) are vulnerable.
Muriel, who is credited with pioneering the overarm service for women, was described as a "nifty little mover", quite something for a time when the standard tennis kit was a floor-length dress, fitted blouse, corset, tie, belt and straw hat.
Almost from the moment cricket sanctioned overarm bowling in 1864, the game has had to tackle allegations of bowlers who illegally throw the ball by straightening a bent arm, although now chuckers could be a thing of the past thanks to a hi-tech project, which is reaching its final phase.
Age-related difference in high performance overarm throwing.
Carefully nuanced rhyming prose and a gradual increase in difficulty of task from splashing, bubbling and overarm make this book a joy to read and share.
Spike: To smash the ball overarm into the opposition's court