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anxious or nervous to an excessive degree

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Over the years, teachers and caregivers completed the MacArthur Health and Behavior Questionnaire, which includes subscales on depression, overanxious, social anxiety/withdrawal, oppositional defiant behavior, conduct problems, overt aggression, relational aggression and ADHD.
Presented for the first time in December at Jesuit School, the show tackles an issue spread among many when they live in the past for fear of what may come in the future and what other people think, feel overanxious of losing their beloved ones, and suffer from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
For some, it represents uncharted territory, where the prospect of uneasy patients and overanxious parents is one additional headache to avoid.
Social phobia and overanxious disorder in school-age children.
* I play Scrabble on the iPad to wind down if I'm feeling overanxious about something.
The following ICD-9 codes were used to evaluate for the diagnosis of depression or anxiety: 311 (including all 311 codes for depressive disorders), 648.4 (postpartum depression), 313.1 (misery and unhappiness in childhood), 309.0 (adjustment disorder with depressed mood), 309.1 (prolonged depressive reaction), 300 (including all 300 codes for anxiety disorders), 313.0 (overanxious disorder in childhood), 309.21 (separation anxiety), and 309.24 (adjustment with disorder with anxiety).
Shortly after getting settled in and while still perusing the menu, some warm rolls of bread arrive with various dips, which was a nice touch and unsettle those typical few who are overanxious to order before properly scanning the list of options.
Overanxious at times at the plate when he wants to go for the long ball.
Whether this was due to an overzealous G&M, an overanxious population or a poorly prepared government response is unclear.
Vail's approach provides a tool that satisfies the Spencer test of estimating the price that an informed, but not overanxious buyer would be willing to pay (Small, 2009c).
"I had no doubts about playing him because when I talked to him (Kirchhoff) he felt overanxious (at White Hart Lane) and I wish he'd said.
They are entered in beauty contests or pageants and coached by overanxious mums who literally bite their nails as their stars glide on to the stage.
"I just think they were a wee bit overanxious against Georgia.
Nurses can provide basic education about the baby's medical condition but do not have time to explain the details that overanxious parents might demand.