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were gutted, was a work to be into it I'm a big fan of overambition. When two guys play out of their skin ...
Frankensteins, who reach too far and violate divine rules?" I responded: "Don't you think it's very human to suffer from overambition, and isn't it human to get in trouble when we deal with forces we don't really understand?
Etzioni's caution is one of prudence in aim, for third-party overambition in objectives can only doom to failure the inherently complex undertaking of counterinsurgency.
More significantly, it suffered from overambition, a shortage of capital and, at various points during its existence, poor governance and poor communication.
(14) By contrast, a reviewer from The Examiner, considering the same volume of poetry, censures Barrett for her bold choice of subject matter: Miss Barrett is indeed a genuine poetess, of no common order; yet is she in danger of being spoiled by overambition, and of realising no greater or more final reputation than a hectical (15) one, like Crashaw's.
There's one big problem with Alex Barclay - overambition. Now this is not necessarily a handicap when it comes to writing gripping crime fiction.
Phillips accuses the President of following in his father's footsteps: failed policies in Iraq, overambition, ineptness, and "more than a little deceit." Many of the author's arguments concerning "excesses, overambition," and "conservative religious denominations" merit scrutiny.
"I could believe this," she says, "and wanted my mind fixed." Not surprisingly, the first psychiatrist she saw diagnosed her problem as "stress, caused by overambition." Wouldn't she be happier, he offered, working in a dress shop rather than studying law?
Gupta, who was succeeded by Toby Davies as Kinnect's chief executive in February, recently said in an issue of Post magazine, "We are not trying to build Rome in a day and there are plenty of examples of failed projects due to big promises and overambition. This project is steeped in careful research, with hundreds of different firms and organizations having been consulted: this embodies the philosophy of the venture--to ensure delivery according to our customers' needs."
When hikers find themselves in trouble in Lane County, it's usually overambition or poor preparation that takes them there, Miller says.
On a related note, critics might want to accuse the Transformation Thesis of accidental overambition. If transformation works to downgrade desert in the capital context, it ought to work even more effectively in the noncapital context.
Clearly, there can be a range of reasons, including external shocks that blow programs off course and overambition in design.
Despite its liabilities, it is clear that a tremendous amount of thought and work went into this book, and many of its limitations are the result of laudable overambition. The end result is a volume that some specialized readers will want to study in its entirety, while most will be content to read only chapters related to a specific area of interest.
Long portrayed as an object lesson in overambition, the Astrographic Catalogue has more recently turned into a lesson in the ways that old data can find new uses.
Potential explanations include: the size of the initial disequilibrium that needs to be corrected; the overambition of the targets set in relation to the country's ability to achieve them; and external disruptions caused by such things as terms of trade movements.