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perform better or achieve a greater degree of success than expected

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A final model, the "success orientation model" (Boyd and Grieco 1998) or the "immigrant optimism hypothesis" (Kao and Tienda 1995), also emphasizes progress of immigrant origin groups over successive generations; but, unlike the "linear assimilation" or the "ethnic segmentation" models, it stresses the relative overachievements of the second generation compared with the first- and the third-plus generations, particularly the third-plus majority population.
However, even after taking social origins into account, educational mobility exists, with the pattern being that of the "success" or overachievement model discussed below.
There might have been the overachievements of Italia 90 and of Euro 96 - memorable and inspiring but, alas, deceiving - but, overall, the past two generations have thrown up more underachievement than is comfortable.
In my calculations, I have tried to ignore the Merseysiders' additional overachievements this season, but still feel they should be favourites in the corners supremacy market at White Hart Lane.
Witkin freely confesses that her ambition and disregard for the symptoms of her overachievements blithely ignored headaches, backaches, erratic premenstrual tension, unusual allergies, a touch of colitis, and a bit of cardiac arrhythmia.