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better than expected performance (better than might have been predicted from intelligence tests)

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Turning to the receiver battle, Oakland actually didn't any wide outs in the draft this year due to Cooper's breakout rookie season and Crabtree's redemption and perhaps overachievement.
Most likely this overachievement in a relatively small number of contests can be put down to accidental good fortune.
a shame it's Whether overachievement underachievement, I feel it's a improvement.
The compressed timeline of the Deep Orange 6 project necessitated the overachievement of some structural targets (torsional stiffness in particular) in order to meet more demanding roof crush targets.
8) In recent years, Colorado has conducted a fascinating experiment with indexes of disadvantage and overachievement to help assess applications in context.
A bit more patience might be needed, with the club having to accept last season was a massive overachievement brought about by the alignment of stars, which just happens with players who have been together a long time.
Something is rotten in higher education, William Deresiewicz writes in Excellent Sheep, as promising students, driven by an almost neurotic need for overachievement, are caught up in an escalating resume race.
Kevin Kline nodded to his fellow parents on stage and in the audience with Billy Collin's comic guilt trip and ode to overachievement, "To My Favorite 17-Year-Old High School Girl'':
The biggest contributor to the overachievement was VAT, where receipts amounted to BGN 3.
You sound like a well-rounded keeper, but I assume that when those potential girlfriends hear about all the things you're doing, your gunning overachievement reminds them of their own failings.
It is with this understanding that I have always explained the opposite phenomenon: overachievement is also a product of individual efforts.
LEYTON ORIENT Manager: Russell Slade Position last season: 7th Nickname: The O's Ground: Brisbane Road Capacity: 9,271 Players in: Jake Larkins (West Ham, free), Shaun Batt (Millwall, free) Yohann Lasimant (unattached, free) Players out: Lee Butcher, Lee Cook, Charlie MacDonald, Leon McSweeney, Martin Rowlands (all released), Jimmy Smith (Stevenage, free), Michael Symes (Burton, free), Afolabi Obafemi (Dagenham, free), Anthony Griffith (Port Vale, free) Key man: Kevin Lisbie Chances: Flirted with the play-offs last season but that looks an overachievement.
His sexual overachievement is propelled by the intoxicating thought of her keen response to previous partners and "was shaped by cruelty, bitterness, jealousy" (105).