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better than expected performance (better than might have been predicted from intelligence tests)

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Victory might have been an overachievement for his bunch of players, but it's now time for Trap to pick up points, not make them.
Underachieving on the domestic scene has been counter-balanced with overachievement in the European arena.
Moyes, who has forged a sterling reputation after a decade of overachievement at Everton, refused to rule himself out of the running, but insisted he was content with life at Goodison Park.
Since undereducation is generally thought of in terms of labour market overachievement, as the person affected has a job that requires a level of education above the one obtained, the higher incidence of immigrants with previous undereducation in their home countries suggests that the policy change has resulted in an increase in high-quality immigrants for Australia (and a corresponding net loss of human capital for the countries of origin).
The season still flickers between rampant overachievement and shuddering let-down after initial promise.
Rivas, another first year seminar student, in her "The Race Against Oneself: Opening Up to Overachievement Using A Sociological Imagination," explores her experience growing up as an overachiever.
From the thrill of a Champions League chase, to extraordinary overachievement and satisfying survival success - Villa, Blues and Wolves have all played their part in keeping fans on the patch entertained this season.
But Ostheimer was, and would remain throughout his life, an intense person with a proclivity for overachievement.
This exhaustive planning and the dedication of the project team to execute the plan by means of overachievement, were the secret of the success of this project.
However, even after taking social origins into account, educational mobility exists, with the pattern being that of the "success" or overachievement model discussed below.
Overachievement and coping strategies in adolescent males.
We make sure our people are exceptionally well rewarded for overachievement of targets.
The 33-year-old, who hopes to return at Wembley after missing the Fulham loss with hamstring trouble, said: "We've got to stop talking about overachievement.
52])--Minimize the overachievement of the targeted admission with 30% of hospital admission capacity for non-residential patients.