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perform better or achieve a greater degree of success than expected

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We have therefore clearly overachieved the EBA capital target despite the ongoing challenging market environment.
If you look at the number of players we've used compared to anybody else, look at the facilities we've had and look at what we've had to work with, and then you look where we are, to be in with a chance of jumping into the top six with six games to go, then, yes, we have overachieved, but that gives us an incentive to push on now.
The coach also said he likes his chances with an offensive line that's overachieved under the tutelage of offensive line coach Chance Tapia, a former Rosamond player.
Martin Scott last night admitted Hartlepool United have overachieved this season as they look to move a step closer to the Championship at Tranmere Rovers tonight.
So Wales have overachieved marvellously as well as playing with panache and such spirit.
David O'Leary has said the team have overachieved this season -and long may the improved results and football continue -but if Villa ever want to achieve real success again they are going to have to listen and back him with a decent budget and, more importantly, a long-term plan.
Not only have we achieved "all the strategic targets we set for ourselves, we have overachieved them," boasts Michael Ganal, a member of the management board of BMW Group responsible for sales and marketing.
I am proud to report that we set audacious goals for 2006, and have overachieved in all dimensions," said Barry Morris, chairman and CEO of StreamBase.
Moore says there are many lessons for his young squad to learn and points out that in terms of the club's modest budget and resources, they have already overachieved by reaching 66 points.
The target on the budget revenues was overachieved for 1.
If you doubt that Liverpool have overachieved, ask yourself this question: how many Liverpool players would get into the Manchester United team?
Pulis has been impressed by how his side have overachieved this season but is not prepared to settle for a gallant near-miss at this stage.
Teams are suffocating games when they go away and I wish more clubs would look at West Ham and Wigan last season and how they overachieved because they played two up front all the time.