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too old to be useful

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Sureau, who runs a defense manufacturing business in Stow, has played in the Over-The-Hill League for the past 18 years.
Surgery or no surgery, Demi still looks fantastic for her age, so why is it that she - and many other women her age - are constantly considered 'older women' or 'over-the-hill', while men of a similar age bracket are still 'sexy'?
"Last Tango with Marlon" is a novella version of Fletcher Rhoden's critically acclaimed two-act play following the relationship of an over-the-hill Marlon Brando and his best friend Wally Cox.
There were talks even of Taylor taking on unbeaten light-heavyweight champ Joe Calzaghe, the Welshman who indicated that his last fight, a blitzing of an over-the-hill Roy Jones Jr., would be his last.
Dorfman played sports seriously before starting to dance and now looks rather like an over-the-hill shortstop.
Over-the-hill sportsmen might sue their agents for misrepresentation when they found themselves in the Fat Club rather than the Fit Club.
South Africa is also doing well with the price of gold, so well as to afford to pay an over-the-hill Brazilian football coach $130,000 per month to coach the South African team for the next World Cup.
It leads him to work with Baldini (Dustin Hoffman), an over-the-hill perfumier whose fortunes are transformed by the remarkable nose of this young man.
Hiding under the 'anonymity for commercial sensitivity' label his staff have wined and dined a plethora of corpulent businessmen, over-the-hill sportsmen, showbiz luvvies and millionaires on worldwide freebie tours paid for with our money, at a time when patients are denied life-saving drugs and have to pay for parking at hospitals, our jobs are being taken by Poles and Portuguese, affordable housing is at a premium, our pensioners are struggling to pay for rising fuel costs, schools and post offices are closing and our loyal supporters are heading for the hills.
There's a leather bar (Schwarz bar), a bear bar (the Bulldog), several lesbian bars (the Marlborough, the Candy Bar), a bar attracting over-the-hill drag queens and rough trade (Harlequin), multiple bath-houses, and innumerable cafes.
You don't laugh at a funeral, but later you kind of see the funny things that happened." McKenna could have been talking about the plot of Men with Brooms, in which he was originally cast to play the role of Eddie Strombeck, a good-hearted but over-the-hill curler.
And The Matrix: Revolutions is an over-the-hill pop star recycling someone else's material--the sort of music you'd hear on a Michelob commercial, circa 1987.
You can look everywhere and not see an over-the-hill athlete in a gold sport jacket with a microphone asking the winner to face the camera.
After dispatching a young suitor, members of these "over-the-hill" gangs alternate in approaching the female.
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