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Synonyms for over-embellished

excessively elaborate or showily expressed

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Rajadhyaksha also sees buyers moving away from over-embellished products and toward more simple, elegant and classic everyday living styles--a trend Dwell is banking on.
The language of the author is over-embellished and not much improved by the narrator.
Yes, one can carp about an over-embellished ending (the final mime show doesn't work) amid a context that needs no italicization.
Contains sprightly, clear copy rather than grandiose statements over-embellished with empty phraseology.
But here too is its weakness -- at times we lose Goldmann in the welter of detail, in the occasional over-embellished "spinoffs" into the work of Kant, Lukacs, Marx, and others.
241), her teacher Porpora, and her beloved castrato Guadagni; about Frederick the Great of Prussia who rejected the art of over-embellished singing the castrati were famous for and went so far as to suggest a ban on the castrato's improvisations; and, finally, about Napoleon, who unsuccessfully tried to ban the castrato singers entirely, notwithstanding his admiration for Crescentini.
In a badly fitting, over-embellished tunic dress and patent plastic belt, Mrs Obama looked more like a kindergarten teacher yesterday.
But for employers who think they have finally found a foolproof way of shooting through an over-embellished CV comes a note of caution from Mark Higgins, head of employment at North West law firm Betesh Fox.
He pulls off the style and charisma of Elvis for the most part, but at times is somewhat over-embellished.
There's all the more reason, then, to wish for a more exact (and exacting), less cluttered response to the play than Nunn offers up in a staging so over-embellished that one senses a failure of nerve in this sparest of texts to speak for itself.