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Synonyms for over-correct

make excessive corrections for fear of making an error

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Whenever somebody tries to correct something that they feel has gone too far in one direction, there is a tendency to over-correct," he said.
At this point in the press briefing, FHA Commissioner Stevens commented, "The biggest mistake would be to over-correct.
When they start talking about fewer athletes and fewer rounds, my immediate reaction is, `Whoa, let's not over-correct here.
The challenge is not to do anything foolish," he added, appealing for the Democrat-controlled US Congress not to take measures that would over-correct the economy or lead to protectionism.
Hudson swerved back onto the correct side just in time to avoid a head-on crash with an oncoming Mercedes, only to over-correct and hit the nearside kerb and lose control.
If the legislative elections of December 1993 are any guide, Yeltsin will over-correct.