ovarian artery

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the artery that branches from the aorta and supplies blood to the ovaries

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Rarely, the ovarian artery arises from the renal, accessory renal, lumbar, adrenal, inferior mesenteric, common iliac or external iliac arteries (Fig.
In this study, additional procedures required were uterine and ovarian artery ligation in 24 cases [24%] and hysterectomy in 2 cases [2%].
Previous studies have shown that the uterine artery is the major source of the ovarian blood flow in cycling rhesus monkeys (2), and supplies the major portion of the ovarian blood as a second origin after the ovarian artery (1-5).
Nitric oxide also appears to affect the ovarian artery [6].
Ruptured ovarian artery aneurysms are extremely rare, occurring during the peripartum or early postpartum periods.
A branch of the abdominal aorta known as the ovarian artery supplies the ovary, oviducts, and the cranial uterine horn.
Uterine fibroids: Contrast-enhanced MR angiography to predict ovarian artery supply--initial experience.
Vascular Anatomy of the Uterus and Ovaries and the Unilateral Luteolytic effect of the Uterus: Histologic Structure of Uterovarian Vein and Ovarian Artery in Sheep.
Also, the MRI provides a good overview of the vasculature and establishes whether or not the ovarian artery and its collaterals serve the fibroids.
In 1%-2% of women, however, one uterine artery is hypoplastic, and a large communicating artery connects the ovarian artery to the uterus.