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In this study apart from the discoidal and oval-shaped placentae, we also found one triangular shaped and two irregular shaped placentae in the control group, whereas in pre-eclamptic group 7 (17.
The moon moves around Earth in an oval-shaped elliptical orbit, so its distance from Earth changes.
He is described as white, aged in his 30s, around 5ft 6ins with an oval-shaped face and dark hair.
The bottle has also been designed with cooking and pouring in mind, and features an ergonomic oval-shaped indent along two sides to make it easier and safer to grip.
This oval-shaped jar has two flat panel sides for easy labeling, and is available in both clear and cobalt blue.
The enhanced bottle is oval-shaped and cork-finished and packaged in a new, prestigious box.
The large, oval-shaped, cushion grip handle has a softer surface, making the knives easier to grip and reducing stress on the hand, according to the company.
Scrambles, an oval-shaped mascot, helps children develop gross motor skills while having fun.
an oval-shaped biscuit for dunking, to broaden its appeal to a younger and more mainstream market.
After showing viewers the basic proportions of the oval-shaped face, art educator/artist Peggy Flores uses a mirror to create a self-portrait.
In its place will be a deep-blue drape with an oval-shaped painting of City Hall and the words: Los Angeles City Council, City Hall.
Her face is oval-shaped with a high, open forehead; her green eyes look like lakes.
Offered exclusively by Meyer Corporation, the hard-anodized restaurant-tested nonstick collection features Ray's specially designed oval-shaped pans, including a stockpot, a saute pan and a griddle.
One of the most unique aspects of the house is its oval-shaped rooms.