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fenestra that has the base of the stapes attached to it

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As sound vibrations travel through the stapes and push the oval window into the inner ear, fluid waves are created in the inner ear that travel through the cochlea to dissipate at the round window.
The hearing loss is due to malposition of the stapes on the oval window.
3%) had a 100% correlation of oval window ankylosis (stapes footplate fixation) on exploratory tympanotomy.
The stirrup transmits the vibrations through the oval window and into the fluid that fills the inner ear.
Take, for example, a passage from Prynne's excellent Oval Window (1983):
The stirrup is attached to something called the oval window on the cochlea.
The first floor is approached via a return staircase which is complimented by a half landing with an ornate oval window.
The mass was located below the oval window, and it extended superiorly to the promontory.
Why it's done In a healthy ear, sound waves are conducted from the eardrum to the oval window of the inner ear by a chain of three tiny bones called ossicles.
Out of the company's 42 pieces -- which include office, living and dining -- the top seller is the Oval Window Television Box, which retails for $1,400, in white birch.
came in handy for cutting out oval window trim with no seams.
Unusual middle-ear mischief: Trans-tympanic trauma from a hair grip resulting in ossicular, facial nerve and oval window disruption.
In which sensory organ would you find the oval window and the round window?
Up to the first floor, the landing has a feature oval window with stained and leaded glass.
The hallway has an area suitable as a study and contains the oak staircase, with its original, iron balustrade, a successful style combination, lit by an oval window.