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fenestra that has the base of the stapes attached to it

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First, a piece of gel foam soaked in dexamethasone was placed on the round window until the level of the round window niche, then pieces of gel foam soaked in gentamicin (4 mg/mL) were placed on the oval window, all around the stapes footplate.
Dave Gallagher with his first VW Beetle, a 1956 1200cc oval window version which he bought in 1966 and, above, David and his wife Linda with their new Volkswagen Beetle
As sound vibrations travel through the stapes and push the oval window into the inner ear, fluid waves are created in the inner ear that travel through the cochlea to dissipate at the round window.
If the dehiscence is protruding over the oval Window only, it is classified as dehiscence of oval window niche.
The hearing loss is due to malposition of the stapes on the oval window.
In tympanic cavity, oval window was the most common part (46.
Clinical otosclerosis on history and presence of a Carhart notch had a 100% surgical correlation of oval window ankylosis (stapes footplate fixation) in 28 (90.
Four years ago, in a group show at a former Harrods department store--once emblematic of a buoyant Argentine elite--Bianchi covered a huge oval window with an enormous amount of black electrical tape, while an enormous hurricane of damaged everyday objects seemed to have swept the gallery from floor to ceiling.
The middle ear consists of three tiny bones called ossicles (hammer/malleus, anvil/incus, and stirrup/stapes), the oval window, and the two eustachian tubes.
Equator's version of a countertop dishwasher has fresh cosmetics -- an oval window.
The stirrup transmits the vibrations through the oval window and into the fluid that fills the inner ear.
Take, for example, a passage from Prynne's excellent Oval Window (1983):
The stirrup is attached to something called the oval window on the cochlea.
Accordingly, an increasing number of ear-surgeons nowadays considers otosclerosis to be a suitable disease for endoscopic stapes surgery due to the fact that the endoscopic approach offers excellent visualization of middle ear structures and recesses, mainly the oval window niche, stapes anterior crus, and its suprastructure [5, 6, 17-19].
The first floor is approached via a return staircase which is complimented by a half landing with an ornate oval window.