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subsidiary defensive structure lying outside the main fortified area

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The young men, who had already completed their tasks with the axe, were all engaged after their lounging and listless manner; some in bestowing equitable portions of the fodder among the different animals; others in plying the heavy pestle of a moveable homminy-mortar[*]; and one or two in wheeling the remainder of the wagons aside, and arranging them in such a manner as to form a sort of outwork for their otherwise defenceless bivouac.
'The excavation project is an initiative by the Penang state government to reinstate the historical moat and other defensive outworks that surround Fort Cornwallis.'
Sponsors endorsement: "Students listen to Alexis because they respect her opinion and they realize nobody outworks her.
"The conference will help raise awareness and radiate outworks when the children go back to their countries," Neikhel Seth, Director of the Division for Sustainability Development (DSD) department of Economic and Social Affairs United Nations, told Gulf News.
The 38-week main construction programme is now under way and will include over-lapping fitting outworks to allow Scotmid to occupy the new building in October 2005.
The Fields were a parade ground used by the Prussians, the Wilhelmine army, the Nazis, and finally the Russians, who crisscrossed the flat ground with earth berms, thrown up as protective outworks for their barracks.
The excavation works were endorsed by Jabatan Warisan Negara and it was part of an effort to reinstate the historical moat and other defensive outworks that surround the 232-year-old monument.
It towers above its outworks: the bridge that connects it to the nexus over the platform from which the stairs and dog-leg ramp descend, and which receives the bridge from the high level of the other side.