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defeat by a majority of votes

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In the WTO any two countries--even two rotten little dictatorships--could outvote the United States, should they want to.
This could allow Labour to have the confidence of the Commons and outvote the Tories whenever the SNP abstains.
Labour and the Conservatives are broadly in agreement over this and would always outvote the SNP.
But Piers and Amanda inexplicably outvote Simon and they're through to the next round.
Despite their great efforts and sacrifices, however, the Irish people voted in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty to share their sovereignty with 14 other European countries, including Britain, who could easily outvote them on many vital issues affecting their national identity and future.
During a near three hour debate many members of the council spoke up before the Lib-Dems helped the Labour group - who control the authority in a minority administration - to outvote the Tories.
Lib-Dem leader Stuart Kelly said his party and the Tories - 40 members in total - could outvote Labour's 26 councillors to force the issue.
It means Labour and the Independents can now outvote the Lib Dems on the council, one of eight new town and parish authorities created in south east Northumberland last June.
At a meeting of the environment scrutiny committee, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives banded together to outvote Labour and force a review by the director of technical services
Though the government managed to outvote the opposition, the scale of last night's rebellion was immediately seen as a serious rebuff for its plans and in particular for Education Secretary Charles Clarke.
Such costs, amounting to several thousand times the cost of the Assembly, include Woolsack windbags, Windsor windbags, and President Bush's personal windbag, all tucked up in an archaic and self-serving old-boys club that can, in the final analysis, outvote Welsh representation by something like sixteen to one next time they want to dump something nasty far away from English marginal seats.
Croat and Muslim nationalists form a tactical alliance to outvote Serbs at an independence referendum.
Paddy Milligan, former Greyhound Trainers' Association chairman said: "It would mean that the promoters would outvote everybody else and that doesn't sound very democratic to me."