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Synonyms for outstare

overcome or cause to waver or submit by (or as if by) staring

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Hard man John Fashanu was reduced to tears as he filmed a new show - after trying to outstare a crocodile.
Hard man John Fashanu was reduced to tears as he filmed a new show -after trying to outstare a crocodile.
Serageldin has four priorities: first, to be a window of the world on Egypt; second, to be a window of the world from Egypt (focusing initially on the Mediterranean, Africa and Arab civilization); third, to be a library for the digital age (of course no librarian can hope to outstare electronics with paper, but they all have to adopt creative strategies between them).
They had to outstare each other to win prizes such as speed boats or cars for their parents.
For instance, when explaining how to acquire an unmoved heart/mind, Mencius says Po-kung Yu cultivates his courage by never showing submission on his face, never letting anyone outstare him, and always returning whatever harsh tones come his way.
uk/videos-pictures/ There's been some digital processing as well, and the end result is a brilliant image that flickr-group/ leaves you wondering if it's the photographer or the owl that will outstare the other.
The first signs of uncertainty have emanated from Nato headquarters - in the battle to outstare Milosevic the Allies have blinked first.
Then Eduardo Agum - hair centre-parted, a trace of adult sideburns - and Greek Cypriot Mavrides, a pale youth wearing a blue zipper jacket who tried to outstare court reporters.
A city is as bold as brass that can outstare, within a hundred and fifty years, the searching glances of Turner, Bonington, Renoir, Boudin, Sargent, Monet, Manet, Whistler, Sickert, Kokoschka, Dufy, Masson and Sutherland.
And Greek Cypriot Nicholas Mavrides, a pale youth who tried to outstare reporters.
Spellbound by the glow, Moth hallucinates and cat outstares The glamour of dimensions never theirs.