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Synonyms for outstandingly

to a remarkable degree or extent

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This innovative method enables outstandingly cost-effective, top quality production on Cortina presses from Koenig & Bauer (KBA).
Riley's poetry is magnificent, with outstandingly vivid imagery, brilliant wordplay, and a touch of subtle yet highly appreciated humor.
The last-named greyhound, nursed back to top shape by his handler following a wrist injury, is outstandingly drawn.
Production team leader Myrna Moore said: "The play showcased the talent and charisma of all our students who performed outstandingly well.
Finally, there have now been sightings of the Cornish chough at Cape Cornwall-in addition to those on the Lizard--for those who want to see this amazing bird in another outstandingly beautiful setting.
We are doing outstandingly well," said UK heptathlon event coach Darrell Bunn after his charges Jessica Ennis and Kelly Sotherton led the way in rainy Sczcecin.
This range was launched last September in Makro Cash and Carry and is currently performing outstandingly with new lines coming on stream in June, one of which will be a Hannaford's Fish Pie.
With its Contiform S series, Krones offers a concept that in the five years of the brand's existence has proved outstandingly successful.
This beachhead is held by KFC, whose product has always done outstandingly in new Asian markets.
The four new mysteries comprising this outstandingly produced boxed set include: In Divine Proportion; In the Guise of Death; The Seed of Cunning; and The Word of God.
Designed with a fifth grade reading level, appropriate for children ages 7 to 14, and featuring both a glossary and an index, 'How Did That Get Here' is a highly recommended series for school and community libraries (as well as Home Schooling curriculum supplements) as being as inherently entertaining as they are outstandingly educational.
A New Reformation is very strongly recommended and iconoclastic reading, and to be given high praise as an outstandingly informative and quite comprehensive study of the Christian movement, especially the Catholic church, and a coherent presentation of the more progressive aspects of the Christian religion in modern times.
A creative and clever story, as well as demonstrating an outstandingly skillful incorporation Loch Ness lore, The Loch is very strongly recommended to those with an interest in the a novel of the Loch Ness Monster.
It's her first film, but she also directed and choreographed the outstandingly successful ``Producers'' stage show.
Military aviation enthusiasts would be well served to request the free Squadron/Signal catalog for a complete listing of their entire collection of outstandingly produced and thoroughly budget friendly titles.