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fully extended in width


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With his head thrown back and buried in the soft down of his pillow, Philippe perceived above him the crown of France, suspended, as we have stated, by angels with outspread golden wings.
For only an instant, however, did his gaze rest upon the natural beauties outspread before him.
With outspread, raking talons and bared fangs Numa sprang for the naked chest of the ape-man.
Gahan, his curiosity aroused by the legends surrounding this portion of the palace, crossed to the dais to examine the figure that apparently had fallen from it, to find the dried and shrivelled corpse of a man lying upon his back on the floor with arms outstretched and fingers stiffly outspread.
He started at the rash question, and looked at me with hands outspread in irrepressible astonishment.
Ah, you have no remembrance of love for the charming maidens that danced beneath the outspread tents beside the bright fragrant flowers?
Happy the man who sees from either aspect the glory of these outspread wings.
Grewgious saw a ghastly figure rise, open-mouthed, from the easy-chair, and lift its outspread hands towards its head.
About 45 moderately faint stars make up a body and tail stretching northwest from the eyes and wings outspread to the sides.
Also the damages were outspread - five public properties were damaged as well.
Cyber experts claim the outspread of this global cyber threat has also opened a huge market for cyber insurance, which only few opted for.
This particular fossilized animal lay in a bed of reddish-purple mudstone, preserved in an unusually awkward position: head stuck out, neck arched, wings outspread.
My nerve-racked mind does foresee The setting of a single tree Among the wilderness so bare Among my comrades lying there But I am wishing most of all That it will grow undaunted and free A firm, staunch monument of democracy I will turn my face to the sky And look at that tree, in days drawing nigh And I'll think of my comrades, true Who fought with me, while we fought for you That tree with outspread branches green Will be a symbol for the unseen And I for one with memories rare Will see in a vision standing there My comrades, with outstretched hands and heads held high And the cross of "Jerusalem" in the sky by J.
Talking to Voice of America, she said there has been a remarkable progress in efforts to prevent the outspread of polio virus this year.
On behalf of Ruai Kuol Jal, the governor of Unity State and on my own behalf, I would like to outspread this congratulatory message to Cde.