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the trait of being blunt and outspoken

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However, SSP Central Muqadas Haider told The Frontier Post police were investigating the case from various angels, it may be sectarian, it may be from the quarters he was voicing against and may be his outspokenness on digital media has invited attackers.
fear of isolation and climate of opinion) of individuals' outspokenness in SNS, this study can find out whether the spiral of silence exist in a new context of SNS.
Arycan noted on the website that he felt his daughter was the victim of injustice, not because of her inadequacy but because she was related to him and the committee was, in effect, settling a personal score due to his outspokenness.
November 16, 1960: The TV personality with a reputation for outspokenness, Gilbert Harding, dies as he leaves the BBC's Broadcasting House in London.
Others might not like her outspokenness about the inherent problems of immigrants leaving children behind.
Other chapters look at the changed power balance of ambassadors versus diplomatic regional military commanderrs, and the increased public outspokenness of chiefs of staff on non-military policy matters.
The rope is supposed to symbolize Madonna's rebellious tendencies and outspokenness, which she feels is still a struggle.
Coffield said he had been repeatedly reprimanded by McIntyre for his advocacy of racial and civil rights and had been ordered out of the state on a forced "vacation" once for his outspokenness.
Feted by a segment of the Indian media for her outspokenness, Chaudhary was the poster acolyte Tejpal always probably wanted by his side, who would be happy to shine in his reflected glory.
EVENTS 1960: The TV personality with a reputation for outspokenness, Gilbert Harding, dies as he leaves the BBC's Broadcasting House.
There have been letters in the Gazette from UKIP chairmen of local constituency parties which have related to current issues, there has been the defection of a local Conservative Party councillor known for his outspokenness to UKIP and a very interesting UKIP conference with speakers with real conviction.
Power's past outspokenness has included her 2002 call for a ``mammoth protection force'' to prevent Middle East violence, from which she has distanced herself.
For that outspokenness, he gained my respect knowing that finally someone did the right thing and spoke out on behalf of (the first time) those thousands of people of Cyprus who have been betrayed by their own government; the crooked banks and a corrupt self-serving system.
She alleged that his outspokenness and an appearance he made on satellite channel ONTV indicate that his detention was politically motivated.
Malala was already known for her activism when she was shot in the head in October by Taliban attackers angered by her outspokenness in a deeply conservative society.