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Synonyms for outspoken

Synonyms for outspoken

speaking or spoken without reserve

Synonyms for outspoken

given to expressing yourself freely or insistently


characterized by directness in manner or speech

References in classic literature ?
To be fearlessly outspoken in her opinions came easily to her, since she judged solely from the standpoint of her social position.
The frankness of such a secretly outspoken thought could not go without some derisive self-criticism.
He was not exactly outspoken about it, but that feeling of annoyed wonder was peeping out perpetually in his talk.
Here, one would say, is a bluff, honest fellow, whose heart would be sound however rude his outspoken words might seem.
He struck me, for instance, at first, as rather abrupt, but that may well come from his being an outspoken man, and that is no doubt how it is.
CANADA'S outspoken Miss World contestant said she has been barred from entering China to take part in this year's pageant in the southern island province of Hainan.
Despite being outspoken, Kelly would never consider getting involved in politics.
Outspoken Lady Butler-Sloss - best-known for leading the inquest into Princess Diana's death - also branded SNP chief Nicola Sturgeon a "fishwife" and Alex Salmond "arrogant" in the talk.
Enter the Outspoken Fresh Sweepstakes for an Exclusive Chance to Win One of Twenty-Five Bottles Signed by Fergie
He singled the Republic out for special criticism over companies "gaming the system" in one of the most outspoken attacks on its popularity with multinationals.
Th" Her outspoken views oneld sports made her a target for animal rights activists and she was assigned a Special Branch officer for protection at the height of the protests.
That viewpoint exemplifies the name of the brewery: the pair is encouraging people to be outspoken in their tastes, to speak up for what they want to drink.
At York Hall, Bethnal Green, in London Lewis scored a second round stoppage win over the outspoken Scouser.
HIGGINS believes a sense of calm will be restored at Kilmarnock after Allan Johnston was named as successor to outspoken former boss Kenny Shiels.
Admitting that he is outspoken, Fury, who is due to leave for America this week in preparation for his April 20 US debut against American Steve Cunningham at the Madison Square Garden Theatre, said that although people like outspoken people, he is in danger of losing more than 3,000 pounds if he disregards his warnings.