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remove the yoke or harness from

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His former employer, Lord Baden-Powell, retired to the Outspan Hotel and bought a share of Walker's hotel business to pay for his cottage (named Paxtu and now home to a Scouting museum) in the hotel grounds, and died there in 1941.
The statement followed a CorpWatch story published in June, which reported that local delegations from Southern Laos were challenging Lao authorities and the Singapore-based agribusiness, saying Outspan Bolovens has taken their lands.
He said: "We had the Outspan shipments coming in through the summer, then in the winter we had the Jaffas.
SITTING at the wheel of an Outspan Orange Aston Martin Vantage, I expected to be treated with as much respect as Kerry Katona.
Professional football wife Tracie Martin is back and she's in head-to-toe pink, tanned to a shade of Outspan and dividing her time between shopping and hanging out with her good friend, Bacardi Breezer.
We are already one of the leaders in hot chocolate with a 23% share of instant chocolate sales in UK grocery and we are working on a number of launches and enhancements for winter 2009 as well as a new range of fruit juices and smoothies under the Outspan brand.
After a night at the colonial Outspan in Aberdare National Park, we headed off for the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.
Along with religion and warfare, culture has always been part of human existence, and will ultimately, through Voyager's gold disc, outspan us.
The first night, we stayed at Outspan, in Aberdare National Park.
The Dublin-based group ( whose labels include Outspan and Cape, as well as Fyffes bananas and pineapples ( said the sales had offset inflation, allowing them to pay the dividend which equates to 3.
Shares in the Dublin-based group - best known for labels such as Outspan and Cape - rose 6% after it continued to benefit from strong banana prices which boosted its performance in the opening months of this year.
In Dublin during 1919 for demobilisation, he too was subjected to intimidation--Deneys Reitz, No Outspan, Faber & Faber London, 1943, p.
Danish flies outspan their Spanish relatives by 4 percent, the team reports in the Jan.
Palmer's light-entangled glow and capricious perspectives enforce upon the imagination a magic domain (as in the Arthurian legends, a terre lointaine, a foret sans retour) where substances become indeterminate through an excess of illumination, and small distant objects, such as the sloes on the blackthorn in The Cornfield outspan what is nearby and would, in everyday life, be larger.