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obtain goods or services from an outside supplier

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He did outsource food services years ago, and then tried the strategy again with information services over nearly a five-year period in the mid-1990s.
pdffile saved in the network, then sends along the prior-year tax file to the outsource provider.
With cosourcing, a company can decide what areas to outsource, when, and for how long.
Industries that are likely to outsource include those industries with low margins, poor access to IT talent, or a need to access the latest IT technology.
In 2002, Schmitz brought together KPMG's national business process outsourcing group, and itAccounts, an innovative boutique accounting outsourcing firm, to form Outsource Partners International and assumed the role of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
Stern Stewart's research examined 27 major outsourcing announcements and compared the stock performance of the outsourcing companies with the market at large to determine whether the decision to outsource affected investors' views.
Among companies responding to the survey, 73 percent currently outsource at least one function, and 13 percent are considering it.
The big deal is that those who decided to outsource bits and pieces of their tax fiefdoms are now finding themselves outsourced by upper management.
Don't outsource to countries that violate author Ralph Peters" "Seven Signs of Non-Competitive States.
Health-care organizations increasingly are looking for ways to outsource application maintenance, call-center operations, customer relationship management and some back-end integration;' said Cognizant's Singh.
The report also reveals that 27 percent of WAN users elect to outsource their management.
Other companies are actively exploring plans to outsource part or all of their tax function.
Thus, the owner could not accurately quantify his/her actual cost of operation relative to the financial bid offered by the outsource provider.
According to recent statistics from India-based software association NASSCOM, 203 companies among the Fortune 500 currently outsource application development to facilities in India.
We anticipated the primary question Bethlehem Steel executives would ask: Why should we outsource now?