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larger than normal for its kind

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Emirates SkyCargo has carried many outsized items of cargo over the years, from helicopters, to ship rudders, aircraft engines and even a yachts mast, among others, so we have a lot of experience in managing this type of cargo, he added.
If the decade of 2000 belonged to the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), from 2010 going forward outsized returns are most likely to be generated from Africa and South Asia, which makes Dubai all the more central, he added.
The Amaranth trader involved in the loss appeared to be taking "outsized risks for outsized gains" after having had a successful year in 2005, he said.
The tough, cynical private eye that may not be as crooked as he seems, the intricate plot, the femme fatale, the outsized villains, the object of lust and desire--it's all here.
Footballers Wive$'' indeed works overtime in concocting salacious, craven and outsized behavior.
Reckson Tarrytown tenants across the park will benefit from the exciting new "people places" which include a gathering lounge with luxurious, soft, upholstered seating and an outsized plasma TV.
Toure can write about the outsized paranoia of Biggie and DMX, play the dozens with Kanye West about his Jeffrey Hunter-like neckwear, tease about Eminem's Father Knows Best routine with his family and get some licks in on Diddy and Russell Simmons and their lofty ambitions.
Ernest Hemingway and Lord Byron come to mind as great authors valued as much for their outsized personae as for their writing skills.
Too much time is spent looking at benefit design and shaving pennies from the costs of procedures, when the real bugaboo is sick people consuming services at an outsized rate without proper efforts at disease management, she said.
Even the most substantial sculpture in the show, an L-shaped piece of MDF and plastic on a calf-high yellow pedestal, is evocative of childhood, resembling a section of fencing salvaged from an outsized model railway.
Canon John Erb, whose exuberant manner and outsized personality marked his eight-year tenure as executive director of the Anglican Foundation, died July 31 in Toronto of a rare brain disorder, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), at the age of 72.
Baby and child figures in Greek mythology have been virtually ignored in favor of the outsized, colorful, or complex adult characters, But Pache--assistant professor of classics at Yale U.
Sensitive and outsized cargo is usually moved through Umm Said seaport in Qatar and brought to Al Udied Air Base, Qatar where it is flown to the area of responsibility.
The Foundation masterpiece of fundamental excess and outsized engineering, otherwise known as the largest skateboard ever made, ridden or even thought of, is being enshrined in the '05 bible of record.