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Synonyms for outsize

Synonyms for outsize

an unusual garment size (especially one that is very large)

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larger than normal for its kind

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This consultation aims to achieve, by a specialized company, the management, packaging, extraction, transportation, delivery, and storage with protection on site 6 works outsize in the future Museum Romanity, arriving works before acceptance of the building, that is to say during construction.
With a combined fleet of 17 Antonov An124-100 aircraft and 25 years of expertise in operations, load planning and route planning, Ruslan International is able to handle any outsize or heavy air cargo challenge.
Volga Dnepr is the world's largest transporter of outsize and heavyweight air cargo.
LITTLE BRITAIN star Matt Lucas plays an outsize Orville the duck in the new series of the BBC comedy.
Not to scale The outsize vegetable is a bigger 43cm long PROUD GROWER Alfred Henry tends to his crop
His extensive knowledge of fashion and outsize personality were exactly what Banks and fellow executive producer Ken Mok were looking for when they first designed the show.
Despite the fact that this represents a market of approximately six and half million males there are surprisingly few outlets carrying outsize stock.
The traditional kickabout in the town's Long Street starts at 3pm when the outsize ball will be thrown from Barclays Bank - the signal for hordes of townsfolk to try to grab the coveted leather.
The giant Antonov AN-124 is proving the viability of the air movement of heavy and outsize goods as e growth industry.
An arbour 'where gardening is bliss' takes the form of a huge abandoned frilly black and red corset encased in gauze and polythene, its ribbons and reinforcement 'invaded by climbing plants' and (in theory at least) by 'numerous red flowers' [Entrelacets by a team from Angers School of Art]; an outsize pair of pudding-pink breasts 'emerging from an ocean of even pinker flowers' (yet to materialize at the time of writing) beyond red-painted ironwork [Eh, tu me soutiens?
Kunstler calls development schemes in the city "appalling" and "outlandish" and takes pains to deplore the outsize scale of the Las Vegas Strip--critiques that raise questions about the author's qualifications to analyze any American city.
The RFI outlines a way to efficiently fulfill the nation's airlift requirements with highly capable commercial outsize and oversize aircraft while developing a new segment of the air cargo market.
Nestle Rowntree is still thinking big with the launch of an outsize Rolo.
The outsize response to magnetic fields starts to kick in below about 100 millikelvins (mK) and is stronger at much lower temperatures, report Enss, Peter Strehlow of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Berlin, and their colleagues in the Feb.
com/research/0c9b2a/global_market_revi) has announced the addition of the "Global Market Review of Outsize Clothing - Forecasts to 2014" report to their offering.