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of unwed parents

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Contrary to popular belief, the data of surveyed male and female members of the website shows that women are not averse to making the first move to seek new encounters outside marriage.
The ONS figures show that areas with the highest proportion of babies born outside marriage or civil partnerships tend to be in the north of England and Wales.
Harrow in London has the lowest rate in the country, with roughly one in five born outside marriage.
Harrow, in London, has the lowest rate in the country, with roughly one in five born outside marriage.
The man she accused of raping her was also found guilty of sexual activity outside marriage and drinking alcohol.
The couple had admitted that they consumed methamphetamine, heroin and codeine and confessed that they had sex outside marriage.
To undo the received wisdom of centuries that sex outside marriage is a sin, it must have taken more than a degree of boldness for the Shepherd to give his flo ck so much leeway while blessing his Church with a liberal outlook.
It said the lawyers objected to what they called brutal police treatment of the seven and raids on their homes, as well as the charge of sex outside marriage, which other news reports said was based on material the police found in their raids on the suspects' homes.
ACemaid who had a pregnancy scan at an Abu Dhabi hospital has been arrested for having sex outside marriage.
Outside marriage, 67,839 of births were to mothers aged 30 to 34, 36,108 were to those aged 35 to 39, 10,639 were to those aged 40 to 44 and 735 were to those aged 45 and over.
The charge was sex outside marriage -- illegal in the United Arab Emirates and across nearly all the Muslim world -- and the magistrate offered an option: Suspended sentences to the Pakistani man and Filipino woman if they agreed to wed.
A court in the Gulf emirate found the Norwegian guilty of having sex outside marriage, drinking alcohol and making false statements.
Over this period, the share of live births outside marriage increased in all member states.
The Balkan country also has the bloc's third highest share of births outside marriage a 56%
The Welsh Government noted that 58% of all births in 2011 were outside marriage, though most of the outside-marriage births were jointly registered by both parents.