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a loop consisting of a dive followed by inverted flight followed by a climb that returns to horizontal flight

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Stunt woman: Portland resident Dorothy Hester took up flying as a teenager and made the record books at 19 when in 1930 she was the first woman to fly a plane in an outside loop, essentially a forward somersault.
While suspended below 3,125 feet of track, riders of Silver Bullet will climb to a height of 146 feet and soar back down an initial drop of 109 feet, into a 360-degree outside loop, then spiral, corkscrew, fly into a cobra roll, and experience overbanked curves.
Additional attributes include its robustness over distances up to 21,000 feet, its bi-directional bandwidth capabilities, and its inherent ability to avoid interference in the outside loop with other services including ISDN/IDSL, T-1, ADSL, G.
Number of Inversions: 6 Features: Outside Loop Overbanked Curve Cobra Roll Zero-G Roll Elevated Spiral Corkscrew Double Spiral DESIGN ELEMENTS Model Inverted, outside-looping coaster Structure: Steel, tubular track VEHICLES Number of Trains: 2 Design: Single ski lift-style seating with shoulder harnesses and lap belts Cars per Train: 8 Passengers per Train: 32 CAPACITY Approx.
The evolution of our EtherLoop technology platform meets the industry's need for high-speed DSL solutions that can be deployed both in-building and in the outside loop," said Phil Griffith, vice president, marketing, Elastic Networks.
Featuring a new centrally managed database server, DaVaR with NetServer(TM) is the first outside loop management solution to combine real-time pair recovery, records verification, bulk DSL qualification and a wide-range of workforce and management reporting capabilities into one complete system.