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The reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / said that the demonstrators uprooted the outside door of the building of the Governorate, and entered a number of them to the yard of the building, and went out without entering into the building.
More than 130 guests had to be evacuated from the hotel after Georgina Tranter, 26, poured petrol on an outside door and ignited it.
It features a front air dam with two tone bumper, silver finish roof rails, chrome outside door handle, and tailgate spoiler and interiors with a 60:40 split seat.
Hours are posted on the outside door leading to the library.
That was the source of an argument with my husband when he was putting up a horseshoe on an outside door.
In the early hours of Easter Sunday some people placed factory-made crackers in the church's lavatories, damaging the inside door and outside door, which was stolen on Tuesday night.
Blood left next to the letterbox on the outside door of 7 James Street could be matched to Cellophane Man.
And blood left next to the letterbox on the outside door of 7 James Street could be matched to Cellophane Man with a one in a billion chance it could have come from someone else.
We also had a big stone floored room at the back of the kitchen which we kept the dogs in, and left the outside door open so they could come in and out.
The cafe it's own outside door to the building that makes delivery easy.
The car also features a distinctive exterior, sophisticated interior, and numerous 'large car' advanced comfort and safety features like LED daytime running lights, button-start with smart key, grip-type outside door handles and six or seven airbags, depending on region.
One Sunday afternoon in December 1999 I stood outside Door Number 9 at Olympia, having just watched John McEnroe demolish Yannick Noah in the final of the Honda Challenge.
on its website describes the Guangdong plant as mainly a supplier of automobile parts such as door mirrors, door locks and outside door handles to Honda affiliates in China.
This morning, an explosive device exploded near Sayyidat al-Bashaer Church in al-Mohandiseen neighborhood, northern Mosul, causing damage to the outside door of the church," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Two of them, side by side, can be used to make an awning over an outside door or window.