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Synonyms for outshine



Synonyms for outshine

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shine brighter than

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attract more attention and praise than others

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But remember, no matter how good she looks, she won't outshine you.
The girls with Everybody's FIne co-star Sam Rockwell Drew outshines co-star Kate
In monolayer blown films, Exceed 1012CA mVLDPE has been shown to outshine monolayer conventional LLDPE and ULDPE, as well as mLLDPE and plastomers in sealing performance (see graph on next page).
By the last few hours of night, Venus will rise and outshine Mars.
com)-- To gear up for their 9th Anniversary season in Fort Lauderdale (taking place October 6th-15th), the OUTshine Film Festival is screening their third and final GLOW film on Sunday, September 14th.
Washington, April 5 ( ANI ): Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, who recently announced that she is expecting her second child, has slammed rumors that claimed she wanted to outshine her best friend Jennifer 'JWoww' Farley's pregnancy with her own.
In order for the game the game to reach that pinacle, it'll have to outshine some of the great moments of Super Bowl history.
Within a matter of seconds, the creature that emerges - a vulture, a monkey, a tennis ball - has managed to out-quip, out-pun, outwit and generally outshine its handler.
In fact, "a gamma-ray burst at the distance of the nearest star would, for a few seconds, outshine the Sun nearly a million-fold and would incinerate half the Earth," reports Katz.
New film insert molding (FIM) technology is being used to make auto wheel covers and center caps that reportedly outshine and outperform chrome-plated or painted plastic and metal counterparts.
The best way to succeed in a corporate training program is to outshine other participants, adds Waters.
Her galaxy of associates are often glittering enough to outshine such lapses, and none more so than Balanchine.
g g mlo y- But remember, no matter how good she looks, she won't outshine you.
First nominated by BOMA-NY, One Hudson Square continued to outshine other renovated Class A office properties to claim all three titles-and become the first NY-based property to ever win the BOMA-International award in this category.
Many of these businesses are using multimedia presentations to market their firm's expertise, products and services in ways that can outshine their rivals.