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be more of a rival than


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In an apparent bid to outrival other Arab channels, official Egyptian TV announced in a pre-Ramadan promotional drive that its seven stations, led by the Nile TV Network (NTN), would show around 40 serials.
Many of them outrival Prora by far--to mention only Benidorm, "the most efficient machine of mass tourism in Spain:" the fishermen's hamlet was made a mass resort during the Franco era and today takes pride in more than 60,000 beds in its dwelling machines.
Coming as it did so late on, it's an image that might even outrival Ray Houghton's (above) respective strikes against England and Italy.
Not content with a menagerie which would outrival some small zoos, animal-mad Nadine also has several hens and two dogs - a rescue greyhound and a chihuahua.
will promote tie-ups with local Internet service providers (ISPs) in a bid to make its Biglobe access service outrival Nifty as Japan's biggest, company officials said Wednesday.
Which means there are gadgets and gimmicks inside to outrival Toys R Us.
The tourist industry predicts that San Giovanni Rotondo will soon outrival Lourdes in France as Europe's most popular pilgrimage destination.
And Sarah, who has bested her father's longest jump by almost 100 meters, is not the only daughter whose skills outrival dads: nearly 7 in 10 (68%) female student athletes say they likely could outperform their dad in their sport - even when he was in his prime.