outrigger canoe

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a seagoing canoe (as in South Pacific) with an outrigger to prevent it from upsetting

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These results are consistent with previous studies investigating outrigger canoe paddling and marathon canoe and kayak racing that depend on repetitive shoulder, back and arm motions.
At Kamu Yali construction of an outrigger canoe requires the use of as many as ten different kinds of tree and one or more vines.
Among the gifts in the exhibition will be a steel, brass and Sevres porcelain wine-bottle cooler in the form of a giant grasshopper, presented by President Pompidou of France in 1972, a model of an outrigger canoe given by the local council of the island of San Cristobal on behalf of the Solomon Islanders in 1974, and an embroidered silk scarf given to the Queen by Nelson Mandela in 1995.
It takes around an hour to walk the length of Waikiki, or you can be really adventurous and splash through those famous waves in an outrigger canoe.
But in a fortnight one coconut looks much like another, and now they pass the mornings sitting or lying on the sand at the Outrigger Canoe Club, listening to the waves, and the names of children being called .
com, Power Balance, Lemon Moon, Coreban, Surftech, Boardworks Surf, C4, Hovie SUP, Rusty, Joe Bark, Anderson Surfboards, Honest Tea, Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club and National Doryman's Association.
The "Rhythm of Hawaii" features intricate floral details, an enormous outrigger canoe that sails more than 12 feet forward and aft with the assistance of six paddlers, volcanoes that created eruptions of 20-foot-tall flames, smoke and steam as well as decorative sea shells and accents to bring the tropical setting to life.
Seattle Outrigger Canoe Club Newcomers are welcome to join on Wednesdays from 6 to 8:30 p.
The Hualalai 5-0 package will be valid from August 26 to December 17, 2010, and includes five nights accommodations; USD5 dollars per day golf credit on the Jack Nicklaus golf course, USD5 per day dining credit in the new Beach Tree or Pahu i'a restaurant; and USD5 per day Alaka'i Nalu credit, for use in outrigger canoe, scuba, and paddle boarding facilities.
My father, shirtless, leaning on his outrigger canoe - which he insisted on getting the first year they were there, much to my mother's mortification, because she hated the water.
Other events include fine arts festivals (held in the spring and fall) and a Hawaiian-theme bash in October, complete with music, barbecue and outrigger canoe races on the lake.
It is the first time that a six-seater outrigger canoe has made the crossing.
The Orchid at Mauna Lani, a favorite in Outside Magazine's 2001 Family Guide for its great outrigger canoe rides, has also changed hands: it's now the Fairmont Orchid.
Their outrigger canoe went under in high winds, leaving the eight gripping the wreckage.