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Synonyms for outride

hang on during a trial of endurance

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ride better, faster, or further than

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The Rip Curl is an iconic platform for us to gain global exposure for the OutRide iPhone mounting system and add international footage to the community sharing video using the OUTRIDE app," said Ross Howe, vice president of marketing, mophie.
They try to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience as many riding options as possible, including outrides through the bush and across vast open plains, cattle mustering, game viewing on horseback, swimming on horseback, polocrosse and Western games.
Their anxiety now was to outride the news lest they should be stopped, which, though it flew fast, flew not so fast as themselves.
The town outride of which we live was ninety-two per cent destroyed in thirty minutes [of bombing].
When so many young people today are looking for outride forces such as drugs, alcohol, and violence to fulfill their needs, I take comfort in knowing that Cody has found fulfillment in whistling arrows, a far better way.
Upper-crust cadets mocked Tom Jackson the bumpkin, who was as stolid and dreary as a stone wall, and Grant won brief approval only because he could outride them all--but when he led victorious armies the officers from privileged backgrounds lost no chance to brand the hero a drunk.
As time went on, fear grew that Iraq's ability to outride sanctions was greater than the staying power of the coalition.
He and his research team have innovated technologies that led to the development of more than a dozen commercial products and influenced the founding of three software companies: Inxight Software, Outride, and ContentGuard.
The collaboration significantly expands mophie's engagement in action sports and allows the Orange County-based company to create a breeding ground for the growing OUTRIDE community in its own backyard, at one of the top-rated mountains in the country.
Even though he was four times their age, he had ridden much further that day then they had, and remained fresh enough to outride them.
The voucher entities you to a FREE Baby Idol photographic session, at our stand, located in Eldon Square outride Topshop on Etackett Bridge.
With four teams, it can still happen but you've got the extra element that nobody wants to get the wooden spoon and also we've got the competition between the British and Irish jockeys, who will be desperate to outride each other.
Jockey Chris Antley, who won two Kentucky Derbies and narrowly missed sweeping the 1999 Triple Crown aboard Charismatic but couldn't outride psychological demons, was found dead in his Pasadena home Saturday with a blow to the back of his head.
today announced the company's acquisition of the intellectual property, including patent rights, source code, trademarks, and associated domain names, from Outride Inc.
The OutRide, when paired with the free OUTRIDE app, leverages the existing technology of the iPhone and gives users the ability to record, edit and immediately share their point-of-view, no matter how extreme the conditions.