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Synonyms for outride

hang on during a trial of endurance

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ride better, faster, or further than

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46) This relative weight works against the sense and against the outrides on "uncum[bered]" "footing it]" that are meant to mimic the softness underneath their figures.
They try to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience as many riding options as possible, including outrides through the bush and across vast open plains, cattle mustering, game viewing on horseback, swimming on horseback, polocrosse and Western games.
Emotionally, it gives her confidence, and she can ride with her friends that are really strong softball players and she can outride them because she does it so well.
There seems to be a determination to outride any adverse fiscal measures that might be introduced.
I liked the kid a lot but I always considered him a bit strange; as I saw it, someone who was of the opinion that Gene Autry could possibly outride, outshoot, outsing and outcowboy my hero Roy Rogers had to be a bit nuts.
The rest of the jockeys are made up mainly of Miss This and Miss That, and I'm sure Walker will outride the ladies, especially when he's allowed to dictate the pace.
Trying to outride the dogs so he can kill it with a stick like it was a snake.
He could outride many in a hunting field, carry more logs than anyone else, cast a fly into the horizon, shear sheep and coppice a woodland better than most.
Previously, he was president and chairman of Outride, Inc.
Their anxiety now was to outride the news lest they should be stopped, which, though it flew fast, flew not so fast as themselves.
The town outride of which we live was ninety-two per cent destroyed in thirty minutes [of bombing].
When so many young people today are looking for outride forces such as drugs, alcohol, and violence to fulfill their needs, I take comfort in knowing that Cody has found fulfillment in whistling arrows, a far better way.
They occur when one person attempts to outride, out-lift, or out-run his or her workout partner, creating unneeded pressure, and turning a routine that is supposed to be a stress reliever into a stressful situation.
Fellow workers in the Department of Agriculture's Forestry Division said, "He could outride and outshoot any ranger on the force.