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have a greater range than (another gun)

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Second, any non-LO aircraft or aircraft not equipped with standoff weapons will be outranged by an IADS.
Nasir Ahmed Khan Commander 300 new American M47 Patton tanks M24 Chaffee tanks Patton's combat data 90mm gun that outranged Indian tanks.
We countered this with the introduction of the FN303, which greatly outranged the shotguns.
1) In 1842, the British used smoothbore muskets whilst the Afghan tribesmen mostly had jezzails, which were long barrelled, accurate rifles perfect for sniping, thus British soldiers were continually outranged by excellent marksmen.
Gene Robinson, as bishop of New Hampshire, and outranged when Bruno subsequently performed a union ceremony for a gay couple.
Even the formidable Russian T-34, at least in its earlier 76-mm gunned version, was sufficiently outranged by the Panthers and Tigers that good crews could usually count on good hunting.
The OPFOR are outranged by the BLUFOR weapon systems.
One of the escorts was HMAS Sydney -- bigger and faster than Emden and carrying guns which were heavier and outranged those on the commerce raider.
They're driven by opposition to government waste and incompetence and are outranged by political corruption and hypocrisy; their wrath is directed against politicians of both major parties who make promises but don't deliver.
Ever since I wrote in these pages that journalist Danny Casolaro, who was found dead last summer, was influenced by Christic's "silly 'secret team' theory," many outranged Christic supporters have written to demand an explanation.
and British tanks destroyed the heart of Saddam's armor forces during 1991's Battle of 73 Easting much because their guns outranged those of Iraq's T-72 tanks.