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Synonyms for outrage

Synonyms for outrage

a monstrous offense or evil

something that offends one's sense of propriety, fairness, or justice

an act that offends a person's sense of pride or dignity

to cause resentment or hurt by callous, rude behavior

to do a wrong to; treat unjustly

Synonyms for outrage

a feeling of righteous anger

a wantonly cruel act

Related Words

the act of scandalizing

strike with disgust or revulsion

violate the sacred character of a place or language

force (someone) to have sex against their will

References in classic literature ?
"A series of outrages," Mr Vladimir continued calmly, "executed here in this country; not only PLANNED here - that would not do - they would not mind.
"These outrages need not be especially sanguinary," Mr Vladimir went on, as if delivering a scientific lecture, "but they must be sufficiently startling - effective.
"'Xavier Lavalle, in the name of the Law, descend arid submit to process for outrage of domicile.'
"Xavier, roused from his calculations, comprehending only the last words: 'Outrage of domicile?
They do not deny that the slaves are held as prop- erty; but that terrible fact seems to convey to their minds no idea of injustice, exposure to outrage, or savage barbarity.
The letter states that young Matthews had been left in charge of the farm; that he gave an order to the servant, which was dis- obeyed, when he proceeded to the house, ~obtained a gun, and, returning, shot the servant.~ He immedi- ately, the letter continues, fled to his father's resi- dence, where he still remains unmolested."--Let it never be forgotten, that no slaveholder or overseer can be convicted of any outrage perpetrated on the person of a slave, however diabolical it may be, on the testimony of colored witnesses, whether bond or free.
Living in my present isolation, I have no means of introducing the newspaper-account of the outrage into my narrative.
Perhaps, however, the position and appearance of my admirable friend at the culminating period of the outrage (as above described) are hardly within the proper limits of female discussion.
Blanche's delight expressed itself in the form of two unblushing outrages on propriety, committed in close succession.
An easy and a terrible means of avenging the outrages heaped on her was within Mercy's reach, if she chose to take it.
The source of the outrage was, it need hardly be said, that infamous society which has held this community in bondage for so long a period, and against which the Herald has taken so uncompromising a stand.
It's a capitalist outrage, and you'll hear more of it, I reckon."
It has been insinuated that they were prompted to these outrages by the British merchants, who wished to keep off all rivals in the Indian trade; but others allege another motive, and one savoring of a deeper policy.
I kept by myself, and thought of nothing but these wrongs and outrages.
Under cover of a similar pretence, have the outrages and massacres at Tahiti the beautiful, the queen of the South Seas, been perpetrated.