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Synonyms for output

Synonyms for output

the amount or quantity produced

Synonyms for output

production of a certain amount


signal that comes out of an electronic system

the quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time)

what is produced in a given time period

to create or manufacture a specific amount

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Three outputs on the PID module (combination of SSR driver, 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V).
In spite of the high performance lock-in used as a second-stage signal-amplifier, the signal-to-noise ratio had to be optimized for the output of the photocurrent preamplifiers.
The relationship between the range of productive inputs utilized and outputs produced can be characterized by a production function, which shows the maximum amount of product that can be obtained from any specific combination of resources (or inputs) used in producing a product (or output).
This model considers organizations to be open systems comprised of three major interactive components: inputs, throughputs, and outputs puts (Figure 1).
Two runs are performed using inputs expected to result in the best and worst outputs (products).
This concept is known as "Census value added;" from the sum of the gross outputs of each industrial establishment it excludes the flows among establishments within the industrial sector and the inputs from other sectors.
The SC2440 also includes independent soft start and power good for sequencing the dual outputs as dictated by system needs.
Economical analog controls TEC-905, 902, 901, 805, 704, 405, 404, 402 and 401 feature digital displays, deviation meters, thermocouple and RTD sensor inputs, pushbutton and potentiometer setpoints, multiple outputs and alarms, and PID or on/off control.
TC1303C: A 500 milliAmp synchronous buck regulator and 300 milliAmp LDO with a power-good function on the LDO and dc-to-dc converter outputs.
Multiple input models with RS-232 outputs available in popular thermocouple types.
The 1/8-DIN Model 2208e, suitable for extrusion, features a built-in manual station, dual displays and outputs, alarms, load currrent display, communications, and advanced algorithms for water, air, oil cooling.
1 channels in the main room plus two channels for another, RS-232 control/upgrade, three 12 volt triggers, an infrared input, and two infrared outputs.
Compact, socketed modules allow field replacement of relays, triacs, SSR pulse and analog d-c outputs.
Lattice has also announced that volume production of the second member of the ispClock5500 family, the ispClock5510 device with 10 clock outputs in the 48-pin TQFP package, is underway.