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signal that comes out of an electronic system

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The effects of the trigger to output signal offset can vary between being of little significance to that of a limiting factor on measurement capability using triggering.
Pre-programming to independently compare encoder output signals to a specified speed which is specific to the application.
In normal operation, with no disturbance, the output signal is captured on the computer and surrounded by a tolerance frame.
The type of scanning is crucial to the quality of the output signals and therefore likewise to both the positioning accuracy and traversing speed.
The error voltage curves of the signal conversion (gain) as calculated for the summing Junction of the OA2 for an output signal of [V.
Features include adjustable ramp times, minimum/maximum speed limits, dynamic braking, diagnostic LEDs, adjustable current limit and a fault output signal.
The COP8CBR's integrated 10-bit successive approximation analog-to-digital converter (ADC) provides the analog multiplexer's output signal to an output pin and an A/D direct input.
In principle, any protein that transforms an input signal into an output signal could act as a computational, or information-carrying, element," says Dennis Bray, a chemist at the University of Cambridge.
It is the only device in the industry to implement the first dual-time, constant programmable, output signal pre-emphasis.
In all cases, the effects of temperature can also change the resistance of this output signal, causing errors in the sensor.
The AccuGauge AG200 is a digital pressure gauge that offers a 4-20 mA output signal with a large LCD display.
This method extracts the third-order intermodulation distortion (IMD) signal from the main power amplifier (PA) output signal and the original input signal and uses it as the predistortion signal.
The unit converts and delivers a second 4 to 20 mA output signal proportional to temperature to accommodate vibration sensors with built-in temperature sensors.
Each transducer conditioner provides four amplication ranges for the transducer output signal.
Compared to optocouplers, the IRS211(7,8) family of 600V high-side single-channel driver ICs provide lower input current of 40 microamps and an output signal of 0 to 15 volts to reduce part count and simplify circuit design.