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signal that comes out of an electronic system

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The type of scanning is crucial to the quality of the output signals and therefore likewise to both the positioning accuracy and traversing speed.
The maximum signal current can be measured when the output signal is 1 V and the feedback resistance is 1 k[omega].
The COP8CBR's integrated 10-bit successive approximation analog-to-digital converter (ADC) provides the analog multiplexer's output signal to an output pin and an A/D direct input.
Each transducer conditioner provides four amplication ranges for the transducer output signal.
Compared to optocouplers, the IRS211(7,8) family of 600V high-side single-channel driver ICs provide lower input current of 40 microamps and an output signal of 0 to 15 volts to reduce part count and simplify circuit design.
The new instrument also has four part holders plus additional input and output signal options to permit remote part-holder selection.
Blinx by Andrea are stereo ear bud headphones with high-fidelity dynamic Mylar speakers that produce crisp treble and smooth rich bass, integrated with the latest in miniature high intensity LED lights that flash in unison to the output signal of any audio device that has a 3.
Unamplified output signal of 3 mv/v and optional internal electronic amplified signal of 0-5 v d-c or 4-20 mA.
Computer calculations incorporating absolute pressure, differential pressure, temperature, and viscosity information are applied to the output signal to obtain the actual flow rate.
Available options include local-remote setpoint capabilities, DC output signal and AC/DC alarm outputs.
Units provide an unamplified output signal of 3 mv/v and optional internal electronic amplified signal of 0-5 v DC or 4-20 mA.
Analog position output signal - choose between 4-20mA or 0-10VDC with no hard wiring changes or separate boards required
Have Quick Output module - provides a Have Quick output signal compatible with ICD-GPS-060 Revision A, which synchronizes military radios as deployed on Navy ship and submarines.
In AGC mode the 1348TA/1349TA gain is set internally through a peak detector that automatically adjusts gain (200 Ohms to 7K Ohms) keeping the output signal linear over the dynamic range.