output program

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a utility program that organizes the output of a computer

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The AAIS Agricultural Output Program provides broad commercial property and inland marine coverage in a single policy form.
When the output program is executed, the m5 runtime routine eval() substitutes the value of M ["abc"] examining it for further macro references of the form $[str] (where "str" denotes an arbitrary string).
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 15, 1998--An advanced graphics output program that lets users create a wide array of custom mailing and address labels, diskette and CD labels, colorful personalized stickers for any document, business and greeting cards and bar-code sheets -- all using standard Avery lables -- was announced here today at the PC EXPO show by Grape Systems, Inc.
Equipped with GE Fanuc 180i CNC controls, the machine operator can edit, input, or output programs during machine operation to reduce setup and improve productivity.
ABLEDATA has compiled information on more than 23,000 products, from white canes to voice output programs.
Robert Guevara, Vice President, Inland Marine and Output Programs, American Association of Insurance Services