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Synonyms for outpouring

Synonyms for outpouring

a sudden or rapid flowing outward

Synonyms for outpouring

a sudden rapid flow (as of water)


the pouring forth of a fluid

the rapid and continuous delivery of linguistic communication (spoken or written)

a large flow

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Nigel, who was dopey hippy Neil to Rik's daft anarchist Rick in the 80s TV hit The Young Ones, told a mag: "I was surprised at the outpouring of emotion when he died.
He added : "There has also been an outpouring of request for updates on progress.
Rooney and his team studied an ancient outpouring in the Great Rift Valley.
The Outpouring featured a massive presence of law enforcement--both on duty "protecting" the Capitol, and as demonstrators.
The Great War gave birth to an outpouring of poetry unparalleled in British history, much of which was included in the editors' earlier collection, Poetry of the Great War.
Thanks to an immense outpouring of opposition from organizations ranging across the political spectrum--from Focus on the Family to the ACLU--dangerous legislation aimed at gutting the First Amendment was defeated in the Senate on January 18.
said the outpouring of support gave her a great sense of pride to be a part of WCI.
An outpouring of support and generosity swept through the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Since we announced we would likely have to dose, the outpouring of moral and financial support has been tremendous," said principal Walter Deller in a statement.
One of the most inspiring aspects of our work has been the outpouring of active support from the Vietnam generation of war resisters, Canadians of long standing who had begun to believe their earlier resistance to militarism had become part of the past.
The proposed regulations proved quite controversial, sparking an outpouring of concern from charitable groups that the proposal would dampen the climate for philanthropy and were inconsistent with the government's efforts to encourage charitable giving and volunteerism.
In the wake of an outpouring of protest from local residents last year, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly passed an ordinance requiring among other things that a three-person task force evaluate all permit applications for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), facilities that house at least 1,000 hogs weighing 55 pounds or more.
It is for this reason that we urge a boycott of the Moscow Olympics--not as a mandate from our government but as a spontaneous outpouring of a free people.
Her decision to go public has already paid dividends in increased awareness and understanding in and outside the MS community--and has led to an outpouring of affection and support from thousands of people who also live with MS.
Ottawa--The controversial anti-terror legislation proposed by the Liberal government and amended after an outpouring of public objection passed the House of Commons on November 28, 2001.