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7 percent of the copper they need from Chinese sources, with cathode production outpacing concentrate production in the foreseeable future.
4 percent last year to an average of $26,412 in a broad-based performance, with income growth outpacing inflation in every state, the Commerce Department said.
Despite the loss of manufacturing companies in the state, the growth among light assembly, as well as research and development users, is far outpacing the decline of our manufacturing lease.
Leading Speech Recognition Solution Passes 900 Customer Mark, Outpacing Competition with Unmatched Ability to Reduce Transcription Costs, Accelerate Reporting and Deliver Best-in-Class Quality
Consistently outpacing other market segments in leasing volume, Midtown has begun to outpace itself, cutting into its availability rate, while rental rates are holding firm.
In late July, the company reported second-quarter earnings of 76 cents per share, outpacing last year's 34 cents and matching analysts' expectations.
In terms of variances among neighborhoods, condominium residences located in historically prestigious neighborhoods seem to be outpacing the market as a whole.
Both studies show ShoreTel's growth significantly outpacing that of all other IP PBX vendors, including Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, and Mitel.
According to an IRI analysis of 17 major food and beverage categories offering "light" alternatives, light product sales growth, while still modest, is far outpacing total category growth when low-carbohydrate products are excluded.
19 per share, beating analysts' expectations by about 20% and outpacing the prior year's result.
49 per share in late October, outpacing the consensus estimate by about 8% and outpacing the previous year's result.
09 per share, surpassing the consensus estimate by 9% and outpacing last year's result.