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At the beginning of September, it is expected that the second electoral district will outnumber the threshold of 5 percent and the third electoral district is close to outnumbering the threshold.
The principles of federation, namely so called prohibition of outnumbering (or sometimes called the prohibition of majorization), as set in 1968 constitutional amendment were one of these institutional issues.
The prohibition of outnumbering / majorization was not unfamiliar the Czechoslovak constitutional and political environment.
onservatives began outnumbering moderates in 2008, and the moderates have declined steadily in the US over the past two decades from 43 percent in 1992 to 35 percent in 2011.
The Arabs boss is relishing the prospect of the home fans vastly outnumbering the paltry travelling support who're staying away in protest at not being allowed free entry for the rescheduled clash.
Despite women employees now outnumbering men in three of the region's 14 local authority areas, in Warwickshire only 47.3 per cent of the workforce is made up of women.
Dawn Butler, the union's national organiser, said despite women outnumbering men their pay was up to 25% lower.
There are still considerable differences in the fields of study chosen by male and female pupils and students, with men greatly outnumbering women in science and engineering in most Member States (with the exception of Italy).
7, "Outnumbering Receivers": We are always attempting to outnumber the offense by pushing the coverage to where the route and ball are likely to arrive, while keeping a free safety or halves coverage.
By shifting enough Inuit women into the "girl" category to even child sex ratios, the investigators ended up with men greatly outnumbering women; adult female mortality rates were not high enough to justify this pattern.
Leaders of the House of Representatives have kept mum about moves by senators to prevent the two chambers from convening jointly into a constituent Assembly amid a difference of opinion and fears of one outnumbering the other.
COVENTRY is bucking a growing national trend, with the number of men in the workplace outnumbering women by a growing figure.
Meriden MP Caroline Spelman (Con) is next most vulnerable to the "grey vote'', with floating pensioner voters outnumbering her majority six times.