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Synonyms for outlive



Synonyms for outlive

to live, exist, or remain longer than

Synonyms for outlive

live longer than

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While foregoing the return-of-premium option can be attractive for a client who has prepared well for retirement and is only concerned with the possibility of outliving savings because of increased longevity, the strategy does create the risk that the client's investment will be lost.
More than one-quarter (27%) of retirees and nearly six in 10 (59%) workers were extremely or very concerned about outliving their savings.
It is crucial they clearly explain the possibility of outliving one's assets to their clients.
Faced with today's financial squeeze and fears of outliving their savings during retirement, many Americans seem to have concluded that one way to address their fears is to delay their retirement.
For example, humans outlive elephants, horses, and cows, and tortoises outliving humans.
Discussion shifts to why working women have less retirement income than men, including that there is no retirement benefit for work done at home; women's discontinuity of employment; disparities in pension; and outliving a pension.
Mr Motion said: "I also wanted to draw attention to what is recognisably human about them - their lives, deaths, failed marriages, and in this case a mother outliving her daughter and an older sister outliving her younger sister.
Henry Rosmarin's revenge is outliving many of his Nazi persecutors - and telling the world about his Holocaust experience.
While the sentiment, "if I'd known I was going to live so long, I'd have taken better care of myself," pokes the at the prospect of outliving your health, outliving your wealth is no laughing matter in today's era of longer like spans and, consequently, longer retirements.
For the comparison, PricewaterhouseCoopers calculated the maximum withdrawals consistent with no more than a 5% chance of the owner outliving mutual fund assets.
Although many affluent investors have amassed sizable nest eggs, they are increasingly concerned about the possibility that their assets many not grow enough to keep them from outliving their savings," said James Swanson, portfolio manager of the MFS(R) Diversified Income Fund.
Women are staying single for longer, having children later, and outliving men well into an increasingly prosperous old age.