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Synonyms for outlive



Synonyms for outlive

to live, exist, or remain longer than

Synonyms for outlive

live longer than

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Those who have provided financial support are especially likely to be concerned about their own retirement years and outliving the money they have saved for retirement.
Boomers are living longer and healthier lives, and that increases the possibility of outliving assets.
That means that without the right planning you could be at risk of outliving your assets.
This product helps protect individuals from outliving their retirement assets by offering protection from longevity risk.
Therefore, it is important to off-load the risks of retirement, including poor health and the risk of outliving your retirement resources, to an insurance company by purchasing products such as long-term care insurance and annuities.
Knowing how much you have and how much you will need frees you to enjoy your life without worrying about outliving your money.
Among individuals who make less than $25,000, 54 percent believe they run the risk of outliving their retirement savings.
Hoarding tendencies are largely based on emotions, particularly the fear of outliving savings and becoming a burden.
Using themes like "create your own pension plan" and "guaranteed income for life," the new ads identify specifically with the financial concerns of baby boomers - individuals between 40-60 years old - who may be concerned about outliving their nest egg.
Care Financial helps Care Entree reps address a broad range of financial issues related to the quality of life concerns of many Americans, such as unexpected death, loss of life savings due to illness, replacement of income during disability and the outliving of retirement funds," said Judith Henkels, president and CEO of Precis, Inc.
Mr Motion said: "I also wanted to draw attention to what is recognisably human about them - their lives, deaths, failed marriages, and in this case a mother outliving her daughter and an older sister outliving her younger sister.
Henry Rosmarin's revenge is outliving many of his Nazi persecutors - and telling the world about his Holocaust experience.
Recognizing these facts, in a new study released today, Outliving its Usefulness: A Law and Economics Argument for Sunset of Section 629, the Phoenix Center outlines sound legal, economic and evidentiary arguments to support a sunset of Section 629 under the relevant statutory provisions.