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Synonyms for outlander

a person coming from another country or into a new community

Synonyms for outlander

a person who comes from a foreign country

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Outlander also uses new four-wheel-drive technology developed from Mitsubishi's involvement in motor sport.
Add in the tax advantages of choosing the Outlander with a big battery in the boot and an electric motor to give some pollution-free miles before the petrol engine kicks in, and no wonder it sold so well.
Dealer principal Dom D'Agostino said: "The success of the Outlander PHEV has spurred us on to have these extra charging points installed.
In addition, available as a factory option as in the past, a 1500W AC100V power feeder enables the Outlander PHEV to directly power electrical appliances either at an evacuation site in an emergency or when engaged in outdoor leisure activities.
The Outlander PHEV, which has only been on sale in Australia since April this year, moved off the Ceremony Start ramp on the first day of the Safari, Friday September 19, attracting great interest as the only plug-in hybrid vehicle in the rally.
The SMMT statistics show the Outlander PHEV took more successful applications for the Government's PS5,000 grant in August than any other vehicle.
It is based on the Outlander PHEV 4WD SUV plug-in hybrid vehicle and the Japanese brand will also be displaying no less than 11 vehicles, including the Outlander PHEV rally car that competed in the FIA Asia Cross Country Rally.
The SMMT statistics show the highly anticipated Outlander PHEV took 43% of all the successful applications for the Government's PS5,000 grant in July.
The dealer event follows the highly successful national press launch of the Outlander PHEV that generated unprecedented coverage, which in turn has generated masses of interest in the vehicle, largely down to its special credentials.
The new Outlander is a strategic, innovative and premium vehicle, developed around a versatile global platform and borne of a harmonious balanceA[degrees]ing of low environmental impact, advanced safety, comfortable drivA[degrees] ing, clever utility and added conA[degrees] venience.
If you area good Samaritan then you could offer to rescue those stuck as the Outlander makes an excellent towing vehicle thanks to its powerful 2.
The new variant named Outlander Chrome is packed with new stylish and attractive features which enhance its sporty and fashionable looks.
will invest about $100 million in its existing plant in Normal, Illinois, to produce the Outlander Sports that the Japanese carmaker has positioned as its global strategic vehicle, the company said Friday.
The Mitsubishi Outlander has been geared more for on, than offroad, use and it's based on the Lancer platform - conceived while Mitsubishi was part-owned by DaimlerChrysler.