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Synonyms for outflank

go around the flank of (an opposing army)


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During the exercise, called Cold Response, the marines used helicopters and landing craft to establish a beachhead before outflanking the enemy - played by the Norwegian army.
Josh Griffiths was the orchestrator of the winner, cleverly outflanking the visitors' defence, his resultant cross eventually falling to Holsgrove, who made no mistake from close range.
But the fitness of the Welsh side was evident when outflanking attacks in the last five minutes brought excellent tries for centre Jon Spratt (Neath Ath) and replacement flanker Stuart Phillips (Carmarthen Quins).
His pace and stealth took him on a spectacular 70 metre dash outflanking Keys' fullback Chad Bushell to climax a moment of individual flair.
Those filled baskets make Easter the second-most popular candy holiday, after Halloween, of the year - outflanking even Christmas and St.
Now he plans to cash in on rising crime rates by outflanking Jack in the toughness stakes.