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Synonyms for outflank

go around the flank of (an opposing army)


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The only exception was Leonforte in Sicily where the Germans stood longer precisely, as at Ortona, because they could not be effectively outflanked.
He has absolutely played a blinder and completely outflanked Merkel and Sarkozy
They are being outflanked on a quite breathtaking scale.
The Ducks allowed themselves to be outflanked, and they allowed the wing blocker a free release on the linebacker.
Richard Lugar of Indiana, outflanked Kerry by releasing recommended changes to Cuba policy in April.
YET again we have a humorous letter (Mallon's Advance Will Be Outflanked, 22.
And he outflanked the Nats' leader in the row over local tax.
Perhaps with the Lib Dems being outflanked on environmental issues by David Cameron's Conservatives, they were keen to show how they were setting an example on recycling.
Given those limits, it is inevitable that at some point any actual such coalition will be outflanked and outlasted.
This strategy may rapidly be outflanked with Washington, following November's mid-term elections, considering negotiating directly with Syria and Iran, and Arab countries threatening to resume direct aid to Hamas.
Aligning influential police administrators, judges, and legal professionals against the proposed bill, Veillors outflanked its advocates at every turn.
The Liverpool Clipper has outflanked the Bristolians and now leads by four miles.
In fact, Audi may have outflanked the Italians more than they realise by creating one of the few 200mph motors that doesn't appeal to ageing menopausal millionaires with pony-tails.