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Synonyms for outflank

go around the flank of (an opposing army)


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It was the triumvirate of captain Philipp Lahm, Mesut Ozil and Mueller who laid the foundation for victory as the young German team took to the wings to outflank the much-vaunted Socceroo defence.
The move came as Tory leader David Cameron sought to outflank Gordon Brown on the expenses issue.
Innes Senior also continued to outflank Brighouse defence and it was just enough to earn the All Blacks a narrow victory.
The Battle of Arnhem was part of Operation Market-Garden, a land and airborne campaign devised by General Sir Bernard Montgomery to try to outflank German defences by crossing the Rhine and opening the way for an Allied thrust towards the Ruhr and an early end to the war.
Stourbridge winger Martin Freeman scored two tries either side of half time by using his superior pace to outflank his opposite number and then cut inside.
As energy markets continue to deregulate across the country, property management companies now outflank their competition with this strategic "secret sauce.
The key to victory is knowing how to interpret the business landscape; knowing when to attack or defend; when to enter the field and when to withdraw; and how to Isolate, outflank or encircle your competitors.
This active market intelligence helps them manage corporate reputation, outflank competitors, leverage emerging industry trends, and build lasting brands.
Yet the Rings trilogy, almost from its opening page, is bound together by Christian thematic sinews: the corrupting premise of absolute power to right all wrongs; the virtue of humility; the triumph of small things over great; the power of good to anticipate, outflank, and even exploit evil for its own ends; the sanctifying struggle for freedom; the imagery of resurrection; and much more.
As in the generations of heist films that would follow and imitate Huston's gritty thriller, Jaffe plots an intricate and coordinated theft, hoping to anticipate and outflank every possible defense and obstacle.
With the United States--the world's sole superpower and also its largest consumer of petroleum--setting the course for Iraq, it is not difficult to see a chain of events that will eventually outflank OPEC.
The purpose of managing intangibles isn't simply to get better scores; it's to outflank competitors with moves that are difficult or impossible to copy.
All five of our defensive linemen are potential rushers, including both ends who outflank the offensive tackles.
Instead, like other professionals, we prefer to outflank our peers with our technological savvy.