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a shop that provides equipment for some specific purpose

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The first time I hunted with an outfitter who didn't even have a website, I quickly realized my research had paid off.
Country Outfitter is the destination for Southern lifestyle, a trusted omni-channel source for boots, apparel, accessories, and entertainment.
As part of the seven-year agreement, GE Capital's Retail Finance business said it will continue to manage the American Eagle Outfitters credit card programme, which began in 1996.
Try to get a feeling from the outfitter as to exactly why the success rate was low, or even high.
Other states, however, do have at least some requirements before an outfitter can open shop.
Anyone who might help - the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce, the local newspaper, outfitters and motel owners - was contacted.
The partnership program has brought together outfitters and public-land managers to discuss their concerns and to highlight their common goals of caring for the land and serving people.
Whitetail Deer: Classic Outfitters, Alberta, Canada
Some game departments provide lists of certified outfitters upon request, and you can also try Internet search engines like Google.
Goschinski Fin Feather Fur Outfitters is a true testament to how this network can be fully utilized to the independent dealer's advantage.
He says a "boat full of fish and a dead moose," which many outfitters are selling, is not an experience that tomorrow's market is going to be seeking.
Talk to your outfitter about conditions and timing.
Grant Simonds, executive director of IOGA, worked with outfitter Frog Stewart and Forest Service recreation specialist Deb Barrett to organize Partners Afloat.
So, finding a good outfitter is normally easy enough.
After booking a reputable outfitter well in advance, Bill failed to draw a limited elk tag in that outfitter's zone.